Wow! Buy A Home For $1 In Ollolai, Italy

Have any of you dreamt of owning a home in a pretty Italian village? Well, your dream may just come true. In the town of Ollolai in Italy, in the mountain region of Barbagia on the Mediterranean Island of Sardinia, old abandoned houses are being sold for just 1 Euro ($1.20).

What’s the catch? Well, the houses being sold are in poor condition; buyers have to refurbish them within three years and that might cost about $25,000.

The venture, started by Efisio Arbau—the mayor of the town where the population has already shrunk from 2,250 to 1,300—is offering this unreal opportunity in an attempt to rescue Ollolai from becoming a ghost town.

The fading town…

Younger residents of this town have moved away to bigger cities and the alleys have been left abandoned and silent. In an attempt bring life back into the town, the mayor reached out to former homeowners and asked them to hand over their houses. After obtaining a special decree, he placed the properties for sale on the market. He has already received over 100 purchase requests and has sold three houses.

One of the buyers stated that he bought a house in the location mainly for the serenity of the environment. He even recommended the village to “anyone who is sick with too much stress and needs a break.”

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History, culture & heritage…

The town celebrates a rich history, culture, and heritage. Ollolai hosts an annual carnival where costumes are designed to symbolize the union of life and death. Participants are generally seen wearing goat-style masks with horns, fur, and dangling bells or white embroidered face veils. Many folklore events and archaic rituals can also be experienced by those who are new to the village. Besides, they have a mouth-watering menu which includes local delicacies: su pistiddu (cake made with coffee, nuts, almonds, semolina, hazelnuts, raisins and sapa grape syrup) and su pane vratau (flat crispy carasau bread soaked in water, tomato sauce, poached eggs and grated Fiore sheep cheese).

The best of nature…

The town possesses a spectacular location with beautiful scenery—the very best of nature. This village is known to attract travelers looking for serenity in a quiet and sunny place.

Ollolai is close to the shimmering seas and nuraghi-cone shaped primitive settlements surround its lakes, rivers, protected parks, oak and beech tree forests.

The existing residents of Ollolai are really excited about the rejuvenation project and for newcomers, moving to Ollolai seems like a bargain worth making and a much more natural way to live.

Content credit: CNN 

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