10 Amazing Facts About Our Brain That Prove We Can Achieve Anything


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We all have dreams and aspirations. More money so that we can travel. A more loving, fulfilling relationship with our spouse. Or even learning a new skill like playing the guitar or learning how to paint  But try as we may, sometimes it feels like we’ll never achieve them… almost as if things will never work in our favor.

Our mind and heart are two different components of ourselves. What our heart believes may not be in synch with what our mind says. The brain is equated to the mind as it’s more rational. Whereas our heart is paralleled to our emotions, which can go haywire!

So it’s important to know our logical side better. Hence, So we’ve compiled 10 amazing facts about the human brain that will help you conquer all your negative emotions and help you live your life to the fullest.

#1 No difference between reality and imagination


Our brain can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination.So it isn’t surprising to see someone in a bad, abusive relationship deluding themselves that they’re happy. They’ve convinced themselves that they’re happy and their brain goes along with it. Another example is when we kiss a child where it has been hurt. The human brain does not distinguish between reality and imagination, and therefore accepts the kiss as a healer of pain.

#2 The brain never gets tired

No matter how exhausted we may get after working tirelessly for several hours, our brain is one part of our anatomy that never gets tired. Usually, the blood flow to the brain does not diminish when we are engaged in activities. It’s just our mind telling us that we are mentally tired.

#3 Our brain works automatically

We cannot stop the thoughts of yesterday from crowding our mind today as the brain works automatically. Hence, some people get stuck in the past. Pessimists tend to remember only the negative things and that’s exactly why it’s so important to take a break and imagine the life that you want, focusing on good times from the past, and future plans.

#4 What we imagine, we see

When we are hungry and are thinking about food, we almost “see” food around us. We can smell it and our mouth starts salivating because we can almost taste it. This is a simple but powerful proof that whatever we think or imagine, we start to see. Hence, it’s up to us to turn our thoughts into reality and achieve our goals.

#5 Our brain needs some exercise too!


Just like we work-out to have a good physique, we need to flex our brain muscles to make it work more efficiently. We need to exercise our brain muscles by learning new skills, going to new places, playing games, having a good diet, and getting a good sleep.

#6 The brain is always active!

Even when we are sleeping, our brain does not sleep. It remains active and even more so at night when we are sleeping.

#7 The brain needs to switch off

We need to switch off at times and give the brain some rest and recuperation. This helps to keep negative thoughts at bay. Switching off can be done by forcing ourselves to think about nothing.

For example, we can sit by a mountain or a river and just watch, appreciating our calm, tranquil  surroundings without thinking about anything in particular.

Another way to shut down is when we go to sleep. As soon as we close our eyes, we should picture a blank slate instead of thinking about what happened throughout the day. This helps strengthen our immune system.

#8 The brain makes room for new memories


To forget non-essential things is good for the brain as it gets more room to store the important stuff. We should use the important information more often to enable our brain to store these.

#9 Our brain does not feel any pain

Although physical pain is registered by and reacted to by the brain, the organ itself actually does not feel any pain. Except under medical circumstances, when nerves and nodes in the brain may cause pain.

#10 The brain can be changed


The more activities we do, the more neural connections are made in the brain. If we are bent on achieving a goal, this idea will strengthen over time in our brain. This will make it easier for us to act on what we believe in. The mere act of thinking about your desired outcome will create and strengthen the neural pathways in your brain, increasing your confidence and optimism, making it seem easier to achieve.

Next time a wish or a dream starts to bud in your heart, train your brain into believing that you can make it happen. Practice these  rules about learning new skills regularly or giving the brain some rest. This can help complete your road-map to your dreams and make you feel on top of the world! 

Do let us know at the comment below, how you think our brain can conquer it all!


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