10 Clever Hotel Room Hacks That Will Save Time, Stress And Money

It’s common knowledge that hotels are expensive. If you are travelling with family and kids, it’s even more so. The hotels charge a lot of money in exchange for the services they provide. Yet, it doesn’t feel like home.

Here’s a list of 10 ways you can make your hotel stay more comfortable and travel budget-friendly.

#10 Borrow the things you missed to pack.

You can always borrow things from certain hotel chains rather than buying them anew. A little research might save you money as well as help you pack light.

#9 Use pillows to divvy bed spaces


Bunking with a buddy on the same bed can be annoying when your personal space is at risk. Ask for more pillows, the hotel will provide free of cost and then use them to make a divider down the middle.

#8 Don’t order room service

In modern days finding local restaurants with good food is all but a few clicks away. Don’t order overpriced, mediocre room service food. Find local restaurants that deliver.

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#7 Make an extra table with the ironing board

If you need an extra table for your kids or a buffet-style table, use the ironing board. The board can be used to serve three and collapsed after use.

#6 Boil water in the coffee pot

An excellent trick for people pressed for time. Just set the timer beforehand and run water through the machine without coffee in it. For people winging it cheap, use the water for instant noodles or mac and cheese.

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#5 Tether for free internet

It’s best to look-up on data charges before hooking up your phone. You can always tether your phone to your computer and use it as a source of internet. Save money on sub-par wifi.

#4 Amplify your music


Put your phone inside an empty coffee mug or bucket – speaker side down. The sound will get amplified and you’ll have your make-shift speaker.

#3 Block out hallway noise


Block out unwanted noise and sound from the ever-lit hotel hallways. Just wedge a towel at the bottom of the door. Simple!

#2 Block the peeking light from curtains


Need to make your room a blackout zone? Use pant hangers to slip your curtains together. No more lazed light that somehow always lands on your eyes.

#1 Do your own laundry


Save huge money on laundry expenses by doing it yourself. Just fill up your bathtub and mix some soap and hand wash. Dry them out in sunlight or shower pole.

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