Top 10 Foods You Need To Avoid If You Want to Lose Weight


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Tried the low-fat, low-carb diet? How about Atkins Diet? Yet to see results? Well, here’s something basic to start off with. Just steer clear of these specific foods and in no time you’ll feel lighter and brighter.

Read on to find out the 10 foods you should avoid if you want to see a lower number on that weighing scale.

#1 French Fries and Potato Chips

Make way for plain boiled potatoes instead of the calorie-laden French Fries and potato chips that are deep-fried. They’re bad for both your weight and your skin.

#2 CSD

Carbonated soft drinks and other sugary drinks that are within your reach in a supermarket shelf are absolutely detrimental to your weight loss goals. They contain tons of useless calories from sugar, which can turn into fat. Try sipping lemon water when you feel like having a drink. 

#3 White bread

White bread has added sugars and is refined during the process of making it. With a high glycemic index, white bread will increase your blood sugar level. So opt for wheat bread and breads containing multigrain that will keep you fuller and prevent those pounds from adding up.

#4 Chocolate and candy

These are full of sugar, refined flour and added oils that will make you add more pounds. Dark chocolate is much better for you, and because of its slightly bitter taste, it’s less likely that you’ll over eat it.

#5 Packaged fruit juice

These are also within your easy reach but stay away from these as they contain a lot of added sugar. Processed drinks are not good for losing weight. Instead, it’s better to eat a whole or part of a fruit than going for a juice.

#6 Pears vs. melons and watermelons

While pears can give you constipation, watermelons and melons, on the other hand, are great for losing weight. The water content is high in these and they make you feel fuller. Watermelons and melons are great at restoring the water balance in your body, which is essential for maintaining a good physique.

#7 Avocados vs. forest berries

Avocadoes are a little heavy on calories and are good in small amounts only. Instead, go for the forest berries that will help you burn fat. They have low sugar content and are full of antioxidants and vitamin C which make them a healthier choice over avocado.

#8 Grapes vs. apples

While grapes are full of sugar and won’t help you lose weight, reach for an apple that’s considered to be the best fruit for fitness. Apples contain zero fat and will keep you fuller for a long time.

#9 Bananas vs. grapefruits

Although bananas are great to eat, they digest slowly and have been linked to weight gain. On the other hands, grapefruits are an excellent way of burning fat. The enzymes contained in grapefruits help process calories, preventing you from gaining weight.

#10 Ice cream

Ice cream is loaded with sugars so it’s not the ideal dessert if you’re trying to lose weight. You can opt for natural yogurt paired with fruits like strawberries and blueberries to satisfy your sweet cravings.

If you have any more food to be avoided on your list, please share in the Comments section below!

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