10-Year-Old Child Developmental Milestones

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It’s not unusual to see some kids acting like teenagers by the time they turn 10-years-old. However, it’s important to remember that they are still kids and they may still be emotionally sensitive and behave irrationally.

However, 10-year-olds will continue to mature. They’ll become more social. Peer pressure will start to dictate their lifestyle.

In this article, we shall dig a bit deeper. We shall try to understand the different developmental phases of a 10-year-old child. Here’s what you can expect. 

Physical Development of 10-Year-Olds

Physical Development of 10-Year-Olds

Your child is now very capable of running, jumping, dribbling, crawling and climbing. They will continue to improve their skills at these basic physical activities.

Some kids will become fast runners while others may show impressive skills at high jump. They’ll have more balance and control over their bodies.

Hand and eye coordination are going to improve remarkably. With all the physical activity they will be doing, their muscles are bound to get stronger.

The Growth of your Kid 

One of the most important physical developments that will emerge by the time your child turns 10 is that they will grow taller.

Particularly girls. They will grow faster than boys. It’s common for girls to be taller than boys that are the same age as them.

On average, a 10-year-old girl will be around 137.5 cm to 139 cm tall. They’ll weigh around 69.5 lb to 71 lb. A boy of 10  will usually be 137 cm to 138.5 cm tall. They should weigh somewhere between 69 lb and 71 lb.

However, this is not a hard and fast rule. The height and weight of your kids will vary according to their genetics. So don’t expect every child to fall exactly within this range. 

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Cognitive Development of 10-Year-Olds 

Cognitive Development of 10-Year-Olds 

Your 10-year-old child will show great analytical ability. Their problem-solving skills will get even more sophisticated. Although they may not be able to hold a conversation with you the way you do with an adult, it will be very close.

Language Skills

Your child should have a vocabulary of around 45,000 to 50,000 words by the age of 10 years. They’ll be able to use pronouns and adjectives very well.

Many will start using the correct tenses in conversation. Their sentences will be more in-depth and mature.

If you try to have a conversation about something complex like politics or even religion, your kid will be able to actively participate in it.

Many kids continue to nurture their passion to write stories and poems. They’ll get better at this as they age.

Academic Developments 

By the time your child is 10, they will be proficient at reading and writing. They’ll be able to process the information they read in short stories, rhymes, and poems. They will be able to add and subtract up to four digit numbers. They’ll begin to use formal algorithms.

Although many kids will show impressive skills in solving critical mathematical problems, some may not share this talent. So don’t be too hard on your kid.

Analytical Thinking 

Your 10-year-old will be able to build complex structures out of Lego and other construction toys. They’ll be able to build it up again after it falls down.

10-year-old kids also show great skill at playing games on the TV, computer or smartphone. They’ll be able to strategize while playing complex board games.

They will be able to understand the rules of the game while playing different outdoor games like football, baseball, basketball, cricket, soccer etc. They will often contribute to the team game strategy.

They’ll often be able to answer trick questions correctly. And if you give them a puzzle of 1,000 pieces, they’ll give it a go and show gradual progress. 

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Emotional Development of 10-Year-Olds

Emotional Development of 10-Year-Olds

Your 10-year-old child is cruising towards their teens. They’ll want to be independent. They’ll demand more privacy while getting dressed, using the toilet or talking with friends.

They will take failure badly.  Often you will find that your kid is depressed after losing a game or getting a poor result at school. Be supportive and remind them that there is always next time.

More importantly, you will need to convince them that it is not necessary to take everything too seriously.

Your child won’t always accept criticism in a constructive way. They may take it to heart so be careful when you try to have a “talk” with them. 

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Social Development of 10-Year-Olds 

Social Development of 10-Year-Olds 

At the age of 10, kids begin to develop more complex relationships with kids of the same age. They’ll form groups or packs and share secret codes that identify them as members of a certain group.

10-year-old kids begin to understand social norms more clearly. They’ll bring them into their day to day activities.

Peer pressure will become more apparent by this time. Your 10-year-old may feel obliged to follow fashion trends. They’ll be more worried about fitting into certain circles where they think they belong.

Kids at this age love to get involved in team activities. They’ll show genuine concern for someone who has gotten hurt and they will help someone in trouble. This is an example of a basic human instinct. 

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Other Developments of 10-Year-Olds

Other Developments of 10-Year-Olds

Although you may feel that physical, cognitive, social and emotional development covers it all, there are some other developments worth mentioning.

For instance, your 10-year-old will be developing their own unique personality and thought process. Secondly, be aware that their eating habit will continue to change.

Development of Personalities 

Most of the primary developmental milestones will follow the same pattern as other 10-year-old  kids. But there will be some developments that will be unique to your child. This is where their personality comes in.

For instance, some kids may be very chatty and easily blend into a social gathering. While others will be quieter and prefer to spend time alone.

Some 10-year-olds will be more sporty and love soccer and baseball. While others will show passion for something creative, such as writing stories and poems or drawing.

Many kids will be passionate about nature and animals such as their pets. They’ll care deeply about other living beings. These traits behavioral patterns will start shaping their personalities for the future.

Food Habits

It’s important to remember that 10-year-olds are still kids. So don’t expect them to understand the health benefits of eating green vegetables and avoiding fried chicken, coke and pizza.

Make sure that they are getting all of the necessary nutrients they need in their diet. That means their food should contain plenty of vitamins, minerals, and protein.

Your 10-year-old will love to explore different cuisine. Don’t be surprised if they start creating a palate for  Chinese, Italian or Mexican food. Their taste buds are becoming more sophisticated.

Things to be Concerned About 

There are certain signs to watch out for in your 10-year-old. You should not ignore the following:  

  • Signs of depression or withdrawal
  • Getting violent if demands are not met
  • Little interest in interacting and playing with other kids
  • Difficulty in solving basic analytical problems
  • Struggling to concentrate

If your kid shows any of the signs above, talk to a child specialist as soon as possible. There is no need to panic. Your kid will be just fine if the necessary corrective measures are taken. 

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Your 10-year-old will continue to journey from one phase to another. They’ll begin to show better analytical skills both at school and in real life scenarios. A 10-year-old will be very capable of having a conversation with you about serious topics.

They’ll continue to grow taller. Girls will grow faster than boys. They will also be more emotional. So you’ll need to be very careful about how you communicate with them.

Be a supportive parent and a good friend to your 10-year-old. Allow them to share their thoughts with you. If they are in trouble, they should be able to come to you for help and advice.

Try to develop a healthy diet for your 10-year-old. And if anything doesn’t seem right, do take your kid to a doctor.

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