10-Year-Old Genius Invents A Device To Stop Children From Dying In Hot Cars


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According to No Heat Stroke, around 712 children died from heat stroke in the US since 1998 after being left in hot, parked vehicles. When the same thing happened to a neighbor, a 10-year-boy from Texas vowed to change so that such deaths can be prevented.

In the past two decades over 712 children have died from heatstroke inside locked parked cars.

But 10-year-old Bishop Curry is working on a way to prevent deaths like these from happening again.

Bishop Curry is a fifth grader and resides in McKinney, Texas. He is a bright, clever boy and to prevent heatstroke deaths he invented a device called ‘Oasis’. This device constantly monitors the temperature inside the car. If it crosses certain levels, the device emits cool air and simultaneously alerting the parents and authorities an alert via an internal antenna.

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This small device is called Oasis and it monitors the temperature inside the car.

It can also emit cool air and alert the parents via an internal antenna.

This genius idea came to Bishop after experiencing a tragedy. He learned that his neighbor’s 6-month-old infant died from being in an overheated car. Right now he only has a 3D model of the device but with the help of his father, they have managed to raise $49,157 for their invention on GoFundMe.

Currently, Bishop just has a 3D model, but he is asking for donations to make this a reality.

The money will be used for manufacturing and secure a patent for the device. Help save a life, head over and donate to make this life-saving project a reality.

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