12 Habits Of Your Partner You Should Be Aware Of Before Marriage

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Marriage is a long term commitment. It takes love, effort, and sacrifice to make a marriage work. Ladies, take note, if you see these habits within a guy you are dating and hoping to get married to someday, think twice.

Take a moment and just think about a life with Mr. Wrong. It’s hell. There’s no point in living with a guy who thinks of you as nothing more than his wife. The amount of mental stress you will endure will be toxic. If there is no support from your partner, honestly, there is no point to it all.

Go through the 12 reasons that we here at FeedFond listed below. This may save you from getting premature wrinkles and gray hair!

12. Narrow-Mindedness

If the guy you’re marrying does not trust you completely, then there is no point in moving forward. No matter how much you stay loyal to him, the restrictions in your daily life will soon turn into nightmares.

11. Hates Animals

It’s okay to be with a guy who is allergic to animals. But a guy who is brutal towards animals lacks empathy. Be wary of him!

10. Breaks Promises

It’s one of those major things that you should definitely keep an eye on. Everyone forgets something, even breaking big promises can be forgiven once in awhile. But he is not worth your time if he keeps playing with you.

9. Gives You Secondary Treatment

No relationship is one-sided, it’s all about giving and receiving. Just like Joey from FRIENDS said, “Love based on giving and receiving as well as having and sharing.” You are sure to regret if you don’t catch this behavior in the early stages.

8. Excessive Excuses

You are an important part of the relationship. Continuous excuses could mean that he has better things to do than spending time with you. Stop wasting time on him if his excuses rarely make any sort of sense.

7. Keeps The Fights Alive

It’s healthy to have a few fights in a relationship. Relationships are made up on compromises from both sides and sometimes those can lead to fights. But if he is imposing his decisions on you and cutting you out then it shows that he clearly doesn’t understand you.

6. Kills the Conversations

Do you ever get the feeling that he abruptly cuts you off in the middle of a conversation? Simply put, he does not care what you are saying. This habit implies that your opinion or input is insignificant to him. If you move forward with such a person then you’ll be likely to be ignored for the rest of your life.

5. Liar

Trust is essential in any kind of relationship. It forms the bedrock of understanding and helps the relationship grow. Some lies such as planning a surprise birthday party or a Christmas gift is justifiable but lying tears apart the relationship from within.

4. Clingy

A level headed relationship is beautiful when there is trust and respect towards one another. Everyone needs some personal space for themselves. Clingy and nagging behavior in a relationship will never blossom. This behavior is seen in men who get jealous easily and have insecure personalities.

3. Hates Family

Parents can sometimes get really annoying but we all love them. No matter what, it’s a grave sin to simply forget one’s family. He is simply unfit to marry anyone if he despises his former family.

2. Smokes

If your requests have little meaning to him, then he is not the guy for you. It’s not limited to smoking. It might be drinking or gambling!

1. Abusive

A man who cannot control his anger is dangerous. Run far away if your partner turns violent on you. Violence is not always physical; it may come in an emotional form too. No other habit holds a candle when it comes to violence.

Are you with someone who has these habits? Talk to us!

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