12 Unbelievably Simple Secrets To A Happy Relationship For A Lifetime

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Do you know what Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, and Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld all have in common? A happy relationship that has lasted long and continues to do so!

Want to know 12 simple secrets to make your relationship happy and last forever?

Read on to see what FeedFond has in store for you!

#1 Be honest, always.

Nobody likes being played with or being lied to. Always tell your partner what’s on your mind, all your worries, and worst fears. Honesty will ensure that  you overcome all hurdles together and come out as winners. Not being frank will only build up emotions inside you that will go out of control sooner or later.

#2 Look at the positive side.

Things don’t always go smoothly.  So, try to look at the positive side of outcomes. After all, we are in it through thick and thin. So, remember the “thicks” to help tide you over the “thins”!

#3 Support each other.

One fine day, your partner or spouse may be out of a job. In times like these, never blame your partner or try to find out what went wrong. Instead, give 100% support to your partner. Encourage each other and believe that the rainbow is just around the corner.

#4 If you’re feeling the love, show it!

There’s no harm in showing your love for your partner. The simple act of hand-holding in a supermarket aisle can mean a ton. Never think it’s not the right moment. You should always let your better half know how special they are and how lucky you are to have them in your life.

#5 Space is essential.

Just like we need our own space to pursue the things we love, our partners do too! Don’t discourage your partner from running that 5k marathon or going away with his college buddies for a night on the town. Allow your partner to enjoy themselves and the hobbies and friends they have. You’ll be surprised to see how some space can actually forge a stronger bond.

#6 Respect is the word!

It’s impossible to agree with another person every single time. So, don’t worry if you feel that you cannot agree with your partner on any issue. Just show respect, try to understand the other’s point of view, and move on. No need to bicker or quarrel over it. Also, remember to show respect to your partner’s family and friends.

#7 No need to be jealous!

Jealousy can lead to the downfall of a happy relationship. Try to really see what’s making you jealous. Is it the time your partner spends with their parents? Is it the pretty office colleague who calls your partner after office hours? Don’t let petty jealousies expose your insecurities and spoil what you have. Change your perspective and take a fresh look!

#8 Don’t go changing.

Remember why you fell for your partner in the first place? Try to take the good things with the bad without attempting to change your other half. Would you want to change anything about yourself? Then don’t expect or try to change something about your partner. We all have our own idiosyncrasies and that’s what makes us unique and attractive to our partners.

#9 Make memories.

Make plenty of memories together. Do all the fun stuff that makes your relationship a living photo album. Go hiking, paragliding or cycling together. When you look back, you’ll enjoy the days gone by and these memories will make you happy.

#10 Keep the element of surprise

An unexpected gift, an unannounced dinner date, or a surprise birthday party. Keep the flame alive in your relationship by surprising your partner in the most pleasing way. We all love pleasant surprises to remind us of what we have. Even a text message during the day can reinforce your relationship.

#11 Spend quality time together

Put away your cell phones, turn off the TV, and take a break from all chores. Just spend some good quality time with each other, talking about how your day was or sharing anything special that happened.

#12 Plan together

Your future is a big part of your relationship. So don’t shy away from planning your dream vacation or dream home together.

Do you have any secret recipe to share for a happy relationship? Let us know in the Comments section below! Don’t forget to check out these illustrations on a happy relationship!

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