12 Signs That You May Be More Intelligent Than You Realize


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Self-proclaimed intelligence is rare and many of us doubt our own intelligence. But there are signs that indicate that many of us are more intelligent than we realize.

There are actions and routines in our past and present that give off those clues of how intelligent people can be.

FeedFond has compiled a list describing these signs. Chances are you will relate at least two of these!

#12 You took music lessons


There have been many studies showing that learning to play a musical instrument helps development in the early stages of childhood. In the case of 4-6-year-olds, just one month of music lessons can help significantly improve test scores.

#11 You are the oldest sibling


There is a reason why the oldest in the family tend to be more successful than the rest. Studies show that they gain moderately high and advantageous IQ’s compared to their younger siblings.

#10 You are slim


An unusual investigation in 2006 revealed that people with bigger waistline tend to be low in their cognitive abilities. It showed that 11-year-old children with low test scores were more inclined to fall into obesity by the age of 40. Cleverer kids study better, produce better results in their academic life and take better care of their health.

#9 You were breastfed as a baby


Scientists from the UK and New Zealand worked with 3000 children and discovered that breastfed babies score 7 points higher than those who aren’t. Although the exact mechanism is still unknown, it’s safe to say that breast milk contains nutritions that manufactured baby milk cannot provide.

#8 You loved reading as a child


If you have memories of reading books in your early days, chances are you are very smart. A study conducted with 2000 twins proved just that. The authors believe that interest in books improves a child’s verbal and non-verbal knowledge.

#7 You’re left-handed


Experts have yet to uncover why data suggests that left-handed people are inclined to divergent thinking. Although most of the lefties become criminals – their creative thinking tends to solve problems and tasks in an innovative way.

#6 You worry


Numerous studies show that people who worry about things are more intelligent than others. It’s mostly because they are always thinking of every possible scenario and outcomes and their consequent actions.

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#5 You’re tall


Princeton University conducted a research that showed tall children study better than their peers and end of earning more money. So stop slouching and sit up straight!

#4 You’re funny


Did you know that humor and intelligence are connected? 400 students sat for an intelligence test after that they were told to write amusing captions for cartoon scenes. You can already guess which ones turned out to be great!

#3 You’re curious


Curiosity may have killed the cat but in case of humans … no. Curious people are more refined in their thinking and their focus leads to discoveries that were otherwise impossible. A professor at London University backs up this theory.

#2 You are a perfectionist


If you strive for perfection, you are already smarter than most. This might seem like an obsessive behavior, but the extra mile you go for perfection is what makes them better than everyone. It’s a life that’s constantly in progress.

#1 You’re a night owl


It may sound strange but people who stay up at night are generally more intelligent than early birds. Their ability to work creatively at night is not a natural thing. Scientists believe that they are expanding their limits and possibilities. However, a healthy amount of sleep is always recommended.

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