15 Celebrities Who Were Kissed By Venus During Adulthood

Their faces are on the covers of top fashion magazines and are etched in our hearts. Ever wondered how they looked in school? Or when was it that they got kissed by the Goddess of Beauty? Well, see for yourself- here are 15 of our favorite celebrities during their childhood years; we know how they look now. 

And as we look at these pictures, the one question that comes to mind “Who would have thought?.” 

#15 Zooey Deschanel

#14 Zac Efron

#13 Tom Cruise

#12 Taylor Swift

#11 Rashida Jones

#10 Nicole Kidman

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#9 Megan Fox

#8 Matthew Lewis

#7 Kristen Stewart

#6 Julia Roberts

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#5 January Jones

#4 Jake Gyllenhaal

#3 George Clooney

#2 Chris Pratt 

#1 Chris Pine 

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