Top 15 Things You Should NEVER Do At The Hair Salon

The service industry is one where the product is produced and consumed at the same time. So, it gets difficult at times to do what the client wants in exactly the way they want it done. The end result is not always pretty. But you as a customer can make the whole process smooth and enjoyable with some empathy and good sense.

Read on to find out the top 15 mistakes customers make in the hair salon that might leave a bitter aftertaste and a not-so-great hairstyle.

#15 Letting our nerves get the better of us.

Get your nerves together before you take the plunge. Once you’re in the hot seat, don’t let your hair stylist get any whiff of your angst. It will ruin things for the stylist immediately.

#14 Rush, rush.

All good things take some time and so does a hair coloring or highlighting process. Make sure you have enough time on your hands to allow the salon for mixing and application. You also need to sit pretty with that hair color on to ensure you have the results you want.

#13 Being furtive about the hair routine.

If you don’t spell out clearly your lifestyle and the kind of hair you want to suit it, then the hairstylist won’t be able to help you much. If you have no time to style your hair in the morning, say so to your stylist so they can give you a cut that’s both easy to maintain and sits pretty on you.

#12 Letting the stylist know that you know better about the hair products.

Let the expert do the talking on hair products and trust them enough to make the right judgement about what your hair needs. You might end up spending more than what you had thought but at least you know that the products are original and will not harm your hair.

#11 Tightening old installs.

Your hair salon is the right place to know when to replace those old installs. The experts working at the salon will let you know when to stop tightening the weave and go for a new session.

#10 Small talking that’s forced.

There’s no need to tell the hairstylist the nitty-gritties of your day or even the surface of it. Some people aren’t meant to carry on small talk with clients so it’s okay if you remain quiet.

#9 Unrealistic expectations.

Before you walk into the salon, give a good thought on the type of hair you have and the kind of style you want. Be sure to be realistic and not ask for something that the hairstylist cannot give. For example, don’t expect waves on your hair if it’s too fine and short.

#8 Staring at the small screen.

While your hair is being styled, it’s a good idea to relax. Some people even close their eyes during the process. Just put away your phone for once and breathe in and out.

#7 Shying away from consultation.

Before you let the scissors touch your hair, be absolutely sure you and your stylist are on the same page. Never proceed with a hairstyle that you’re not sure about.

#6 Forgetting to tip.

After a successful hair procedure, you should be generous and offer a 20-25% tip to your stylist. This will also help when you come to the same stylist in future for more hair adventures. Forgetting to tip is not in good taste and leaves a poor impression.

#5 Hiding what you did at home.

Much like your GP, your hairstylist needs to know exactly what you had been doing to your hair at home. This will save you from any disastrous results and will also help you have a firmer bond with your stylist. Only by spilling the beans will you be able to save the day. And your hair.

#4 Showing up late.

Another bad trait that can make or break the trust invested in you. Even hairstylists have a life and keeping them waiting means all their other appointments get pushed. The result? Unhappy customers through no fault of their own.

#3 Avoiding eye contact.

It’s perfectly alright to switch from one hairstylist to another. It’s a profession after all and there’s no hard feelings. So, next time you pass by your old hairstylist, give a smile or say hi.

#2 Sit still!

Don’t keep moving your head while your hairstylist is at his job. Keep very still as tools sharper than your kitchen knives are very close to you!

#1 Forgetting to pre-plan.

It’s your head and your style. So do some homework about what you want to look like before walking into the salon. If you enter with no idea of what you want, you might leave the salon with a heavy heart and a sloppy look.

Do you agree with these suggestions? Share your thoughts with us in the Comments section below! And while we’re talking about here, here’s something worth checking out – 10 Awesome Hairstyle Hacks To Make You Look 5 Years Younger!

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