Top 15 Inventions For Everyone That Can’t Be Rewarded Enough

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With an increasing pace in our life and changing lifestyle patterns, it’s only natural that manufacturers will come up with new and innovative solutions to make life easier. But some of these inventions just blow the mind away with their depth and insight.

Scroll down to read the top 15 of such inventions that have made our home a real haven for us.

#15 Don’t let the sun come down on me.


These overlapping curtain tracks create a double shield of curtains, making sure that the sun doesn’t get in at all.

#14 Everything within reach.


Doubling up as a work space, this bed gives you all the comforts within your reach – an audio system, lighting and storage space.

#13 Unobstructed view


It’s annoying when you’re taking a warm shower and the whole mirror fogs up, obstructing your vision. Well, this heated mirror keeps a nice surface free from fogging to give you more comfort.

#12 Folding shades


You can now fold your sunglasses to save space in your pocket or bag and just by shaking you can unfold them.

#11 Light balls


These glow-in-the-dark light balls will help your child sleep in their own room and guide their way to the bathroom during the night.

#10 Belt sans buckles


No more discomfort from the buckles of your belt digging into your tummy or showing through your shirt.

#9 No more counting by hands!


This digital coin bank can tell you exactly how much you’ve saved.

#8 More power to your cell phone.


This mini power charger is small enough to fit in your tiniest bag. So no more of those heavy power banks that take up so much space!

#7 Ergonomic keyboard.


The butterfly keyboard helps you to keep your hands in a natural position while you type away.

#6 Waste not, want not.


This two-way toothpaste makes sure you can squeeze out the last bit of toothpaste from inside the tube.

#5 Even better than the real thing.


This smart bed can sense your temperature, can warm you up and even wake you up for that important meeting in the morning.

#4 No more hotel laundry.


Ideal for traveling, this mini iron can fit easily into your luggage and help you iron out creases while you’re on a business trip.

#3 Multitasking at its best.


This phone holder can double up as a tablet holder if you want to keep your tiny tot entertained on a long drive.

#2 Illuminated shower


Powered by water, this illuminated shower head shows the water temperature and doesn’t need to be charged.

#1 Dark and light

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A perfect solution for night owls is this double-sided lamp that can illuminate the desired side of the room without disturbing the second occupant.

Vote for your favorite gadget in the Comments section blow. Don’t forget to read 18 Cool Things For Kids That Were Actually Meant For Adults.

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