15 Simple Life Hacks That Make You Look Good Every Day


Clingy pants? Fading jeans? Did your t-shirt shrink after a single wash?
We all face problems like these in our daily lives that leave us stumped. Not to worry, we at FeedFond have compiled a list of Life-Hacks that will provide a quick solution to all these problems. Just follow the simple instructions to save time (and money) and look great every single day.


#15 Get rid of stains on leather products


Stains can easily ruin your expensive leather bag or shoes. Get a mixture of water and vinegar and gently rub over the stain.

#14 Keep your jewelry clean


Never worry about getting marks from rings on your fingers again. Just cover the inside part of your ring with clear nail polish and you’re gold! Take note that this only applies to the non-precious metal parts of your jewelry.

#13 Get rid of oil stains from clothes


There is just one way to get rid of oil stains from your clothes. Sprinkle baby powder, foot powder or cornstarch to absorb the oil. Make sure you apply the powder as soon as possible.

#12 Restore shrunken T-shirts


Don’t you hate when your new t-shirt shrinks after a single wash? To restore it to its original size, soak it for half hour into a mixture of kid’s shampoo and water. Squeeze out the water and dry it out by placing it between two towels. Then stretch it out to its original size by putting something heavy on the edges. Leave it there until it dries.

#11 Get rid of fluff from your clothes


The simplest way to get rid of the fluff from your clothes is by shaving it with a razor. Try it, it’s really easy!

#10 Stop jeans from fading


Jeans lose their color on every wash. Just add half a glass of vinegar to retain the color of dark jeans.

#9 Iron your shirt collar easily


Use a hair straightener to quickly iron shirt collars and hard to reach places around buttons and folds. Well, if you can’t find hair straighteners … ask your Mrs.

#8 Remove scuff marks from suede shoes


Use an ordinary eraser to remove scuff marks and clean your favorite suede shoes.

#7 Clean the white part of your sneakers


Mix some baking soda and your household cleaning solution in a bowl. Take an old toothbrush and use the mix to clean the white rubber parts of your shoes. It’ll be good as new!

#6 Fold the bottom of your jeans into your boots


See the step-by-step picture instructions on how to easily fold the bottom of your jeans into your boots.

#5 Remove sweat stains from your clothes


Sweat stains can be very annoying! Use a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda to remove them.

#4 Cord your hoodies


You can thread a cord through the hood of your hoodies with an ordinary straw. Same can be done with trouser chords too!

#3 Break-in new shoes


Pour water into sealed plastic packets and place them inside your shoes (like your foot). Put the shoes into the freezer. When water freezes, it expands and the next time you wear your shoes, it’ll be more comfortable.

#2 Static on your pants


Place a safety pin on the inside seam of each trouser leg to get rid of static.

#1 Stop zippers from coming undone


It’s really embarrassing when your zippers get undone. To prevent this attach the ring from your key ring on the zipper and use it to hook it over the button of your pants.

Do you know any other life hacks? Let us know!


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