These 16 Brilliant Life Hacks Might Save Your Life Some Day

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Sometimes life throws you into unexpected situations that require thinking on your feet and making spur-of-the-moment decisions. A little homework and some forethought can save you from sticky situations like saving your partner from choking while eating in a restaurant or how to tell whether or not a snake is poisonous.

Scroll down to read top 16 life hacks that might just come in handy when you’re in a bind.

#16 Heimlich maneuver to prevent choking

A friend or family member might choke on a piece of food while eating in a restaurant. You can save their life by performing the Heimlich maneuver.

Just keep calm and follow these steps to prevent death by choking:

  • With your thumb side in, place your fist above the person’s navel.
  • Grab your fist tightly with the other hand and move it in an upward direction, putting pressure on the person’s rib cage.
  • Continue the above in quick successions until the piece of food blocking the air passage comes out.

In case this doesn’t work, have the person bend over a table or railing or chair.  Put pressure on their abdomen just above the navel and push in an upward direction until the food comes out.

#15 Rear-view mirror

Adjust your rear-view car mirror to make sure you see the entire front part of the car behind you and not just a partial view. This adjustment will eliminate any blind spot and ensure you drive safely.

#14 The rule of 3

Know the endurance limits of your body and remember that it can go without air for 3 minutes, without protection from extreme environmental conditions for 3 hours, without water for 3 days, and 3 weeks without food.

#13 Crucial times during flight

The first 3 minutes after take-off and the last 8 minutes prior to landing are the two most important times during a flight. All aircraft passengers should remain alert and be aware of what to do in case of an emergency.

#12 The power of light

Always carry a powerful flashlight with you so that you can flash it directly on the face of a stalker. This will leave the stalker temporarily disoriented, allowing you time to make an escape.

#11 Important documents

Always carry your ID, including a note of your blood type. It’s also advised to keep the contact name and number of the people to be called in the case of an emergency.

#10 Ask for help

If you feel unwell in a public place, ask for help from one person only. A psychological phenomenon known as diffusion of responsibility hampers the process of helping a person in need of help. Simply put, there are greater chances of getting help from a single person, rather than a crowd.

#9 Leave the knife in the wound

Do not remove a knife or a sharp object from a wound. Leaving it in the wound would actually help curb the bleeding. Call for medical help as soon as possible.

#8 Know the emergency exits

Always be aware of all emergency exits in your home or office. When a sudden fire occurs, it’s most likely you will lose your cool, so it’s best to know the way to safety beforehand.

#7 Stay close to the ground in case of fire

If you’re caught in a fire, remember to stay close to the ground to avoid inhaling carbon monoxide fumes. These are more hazardous than the burns you might get.

#6 Cut off the oxygen supply

If you get a fire on your kitchen stove from oil spilling on it, NEVER use water—it will only make the situation worse. Cut off the oxygen supply by covering the flame with a heavy pan.

#5 Always carry anti-allergy medicines with you

You never know what kind of an allergic reaction you or someone else might have. So, ALWAYS carry antihistamine pills with you, especially during your vacation.

#4 Know when to inflate your lifejacket in an aircraft emergency.

In the event of an emergency landing, NEVER inflate your lifejacket while you’re still inside the aircraft. While the aircraft is submerging, you will float up to the aircraft ceiling if you inflate your lifejacket. Wait till you land in the water. Then slowly swim out with your life jacket on and pull the inflation cord.

#3 Don’t use your cell phone when you’re walking.

Your brain gets confused and the right coordination doesn’t happen when you’re walking and looking at your cell phone at the same time. For your own safety, you should refrain from using your cell phone while walking on the streets to prevent accidents.

#2 Recognize a poisonous snake

Poisonous snakes have bifurcated scales on the abdominal side of their tail. In addition, their pupils are similar to those of a cat. Non-poisonous snakes have round pupils. If you’re looking at the snake from above, it’s a poisonous one if you can clearly distinguish the division between its head and neck.

#1 The right winter wear

Remember that wet skin gives off heat much faster (thermodynamics). So, it’s important to try to keep your skin dry for as long as possible to stay warm. Ensure that your body temperature does not fall too quickly by wearing wool clothing—they’re very good at absorbing moisture and keeping it away from your skin. Cotton and other fabrics are poor moisture absorbers because it holds it against your skin—great in the heat, but horrible in cold weather. Wearing clothes made from such materials will cause you to freeze in no time at all.

Share your safety tips with us in the Comments section below. You might like to read 18 Everyday Things With Hidden Purposes For Safety And Convenience.

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