21 Awesome Teachers Who Will Forever Live On In Our Memories


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We continuously learn new things in this world. However, these learning experiences are further highlighted by awesome teachers.

These teachers, may it be your college lecturer or your old school coach/ math teacher inspired you to do something. Their words and enthusiasm combined with their desire to make sure you learned something and their superb sense of humor gave you the push you desperately needed.

FeedFond has compiled this post solely for those awesome teachers who make learning not only fun but a life experience.

We salute you!

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#1 A university student brought her baby to class because she couldn’t afford to leave him with a nanny. When he started crying, her professor scooped him up into his arms and calmed him down, all the time without breaking off his lecture.

#2 This is the best way to help kids understand geometry — demonstrate the angle using your body!

#3 It was an honor to be taught by Mendeleyev himself!

#4 Just an ordinary history class…

#5 This is what he was drinking, apparently…

#6 A real teacher always finds the tools they need to produce an accurate triangle.

#7 Best physics class ever!

#8 To help them remember where Sparta used to be!

#9 Every day, this art teacher draws incredible pictures to inspire his students.

#10 The latest change to the curriculum for astronomy class.

See the Professor’s Response to Single Mom Student’s Absence Goes Viral

#11 This math teacher really knows how to celebrate Pi Day.

#12 So it turns out that it is possible to form the lyrics to Lady Gaga from the periodic table.

#13 He didn’t wake him up, or tell him off…but he did cheer up the whole class!

#14 An appropriate punishment for his misbehavior.

#15 She taught her class like this after she found a stray kitten wandering around the school.

#16 ’We had an exam at 8 am on a Saturday. Our teacher turned up looking like this…’

#17 Obligatory safety gear during physics experiments…obviously!

#18 ’Study this carefully, young padawan…’

#19 Chemistry class got slightly out of control at this point…

#20 It’s this kind of sense of humor which helps you get through maths class!

#21 ’My teacher promised us that if the whole class got top marks in a test, he’d turn up in a Scooby-Doo costume with non-alcoholic champagne. We did it, and he kept his word.’

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