21 Absolutely Invaluable Kitchen Hacks You Should Know

Kitchen Hacks You Should Know

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Cleaning the kitchen is the chore everyone hates (sometimes worse than bathrooms). Well, with some clever tips and skills, you can work more efficiently in your kitchen, make the minimum mess, and be praised for your cooking.

Read on to discover 21 invaluable kitchen hacks that will come in handy the next time you’re dreading cleaning up your kitchen or storing your herbs.

#1 Keep your recipe book spotless.


To prevent spots and spills from staining your recipe book as you keep it open on the work table, hang it from a trouser hanger and put it over the kitchen counter. Your recipe book will remain as good as new.

#2 Cleaning the chopping board.

To get rid of the smell and residues that a wooden chopping board can accumulate, simply rub the surface with coarse grain salt and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Now use half a lemon to wipe the surface and then leave it to dry. Your chopping board will be free of smells and leftovers.

#3 Clean wooden spoons.

Give your old wooden spoons a new lease on life by boiling them in plain water and leaving them out in the sun to dry. This will restore their look and texture.

#4 Put the shine back on that kettle.

For kettles and other utensils made from stainless steel, dip them in a mixture of vinegar and water to put the shine back on.

#5 Get fresh smelling hands.

To get rid of the smell from your hands that you might get after cleaning fish or meat or peeling garlic and onions, rub your hands with lemon and salt. Follow up with a rinse with water.

#6 Cleaning a cast iron frying pan.

A cast iron frying pan may form a layer of rust over time. To prevent this, instead of using regular washing liquid to clean it, use salt and water. The salt will also remove the smell of spices and other odor from the frying pan.

#7 Retain the freshness of nuts.

After you shell nuts, put them in Ziploc bags and freeze them to retain their freshness, nutrients, and taste. This will also prevent the bitter aftertaste that you get from nuts that have been out in the open for a while. In addition, don’t roast the kernels as this would make them lose their nutrients.

#8 Store cooking herbs.

The best way to store cooking herbs like mint or coriander leaves is to freeze them in icing trays. Use either water or olive oil to freeze them and retain their nutritional goodness.

#9 Eggs with a runny yolk.


To make the perfect eggs with a runny yolk, break them into a pan and pour water instead of oil. Now put the pan on the flame to get great eggs.

#10 Warming up baked foods.

The right way to warm up baked foods like pizza is to place a cup of water in the microwave oven. This will prevent the crust from drying up.

#11 Parchment paper for cupcakes.

Using parchment paper for baking cupcakes instead of the regular molds will give a more interesting texture and shape.

#12 A perfect chicken roast.

When you’re roasting a whole chicken or a bird, always put the breast side down so that the heat can cook through this part that has the most flesh.

#13 Boiling pasta or rice the smart way.

When you’re boiling rice or pasta, put a wooden spoon across the pan to help prevent the water from boiling over and spoiling your cooker.

#14 No tears when chopping onions.

Freeze your onions for 30 minutes before chopping to stop them from making you tear up. However, when making a salad, don’t freeze the onions as it will lose the crunch.

#15 Grating soft cheese.

Before you start to grate soft cheese, freeze it for half an hour to make it more firm and easier for you to grate.

#16 Maximum juice from oranges and lemons.

To get every last drop of juice from oranges and lemons, put them in the fridge to make them cool and then microwave them for 15 seconds.

#17 Peeling egg shells.

To easily peel the shells off boiled eggs, add soda or vinegar to the water you’ll boil the eggs in.

#18 Peeling citrus fruits.

Peeling citrus fruits can take a toll on your freshly manicured nails. Just microwave these fruits for 20 second to make the fruit sections come off easily from their skin.

#19 Cling wrap.

To avoid the cling wrap from stretching and ripping, store it in the fridge like professional chefs do. This will save you from some unnecessary tugging.

#20 Removing excess oil and fat from cooked food.

To remove the excess oil or fat from your dish of cooked beef, wrap ice cubes in a paper towel and swipe over the top of the dish. The ice cube will act like a magnet and the excess oils will cling to the paper towel.

#21 Removing seeds from veggies.


To quickly and easily remove seeds from veggies like cucumber or zucchini, use an ice cream scoop to scrape the seeds out.

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