22 Foods That You’ve Not Been Eating The Right Way


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What you see you think is the norm. Seldom do you get out of your way to find out if it can be done in a better way. Same goes for food and cooking. Would you believe it that bacon is better cooked if not cooked in a pan? Or that there’s a secret to give an extra crunch to your French toast?

FeedFond has put together a list of 22 foods which you probably haven’t been eating the right way all your life. Scroll down to find out.


#22 Bacon is part of your pancake, not a side dish.

Your taste buds will thank you for bringing pancake and bacon together. When you pour the pancake batter into the pan, add some cooked bacon slices. Wait till the grease bubbles form and then flip it to cook the other side. Drizzle maple syrup and drool over it!

#21 Add extra crunch to your French toast with cereals.

Crush some regular cereal flakes and after you dip your bread in the egg mixture, give it a good coat to the cereal. Then fry in a pan with oil. You may add the powdered sugar and syrup but be careful not to let it burn.

#20 Cooked carrots and canned tomatoes.

It’s not always true that raw veggies are the best. Cooked carrots and canned tomatoes have more nutritional value than in their raw state. In fact, canned tomatoes have more lycopene that helps prevent cancer of certain types.

#19 Recycle old Sriracha bottles.

Use your old Sriracha bottles to store oil. The control you’ll have over the oil you pour is amazing.

#18 Warm your leftover pizza in your waffle griddle.

Fold your leftover pizza in half or put two slices together. Drizzle some oil in your waffle iron and put in the leftover pizza. The waffle will add extra crunch to the pizza and what you get is a cheesy gooey pizza-turned-waffle.

#17 Keep your ice cream creamy and smooth.

Place your ice cream pack in a sealable plastic bag. Put this in a second plastic bag and make sure the sealable part is on the opposite side of the sealable part of the first bag. This will ensure your ice cream stay smooth and creamy. Before you start to scoop ice cream, put the scoop in a bowl of hot water or run it under running hot water. This will enable you to scoop out easily.

#16 Perfect cake slices.

To get perfectly sliced cakes, use dental floss instead of a knife to cut the cake.

#15 Keep tomato slices in your sandwich in place.

To prevent the tomato slices from slipping and sliding away from your sandwich, fold them in your lunch meat or in your lettuce leaves.

#14 Restaurant-like bacon.

To get the restaurant-like bacon, don’t cook them in a pan. You’ll get the perfect bacon if you bake it. Set your oven to 350 degrees. Line a baking sheet with aluminium foil and place your bacon. This will help to keep the bacon flat and several of them cooked together.

#13 Grill your fish with lemons.

To prevent the fish skin from sticking to your barbecue grill, add some lemon slices. This will not only add the lemon flavor but will also prevent your barbecue from getting sticky remnants.

#12 Crystal clear ice cubes.

To get crystal clear ice cubes, boil the water to remove any impurities before freezing it.

#11 Different teas, different brewing times.

For the perfect cup of tea, you have to get the brewing time right. For white, yellow, and green tea, you should brew for a minute. It’s 2 to 3 minutes for oolong and black tea and for herbal infusions, the ideal brewing time is 3 to 6 minutes. Longer than these recommended brewing times can give a bitter taste to your tea.

#10 Use a fork to dunk your Oreo.

If you don’t want to make a mess, use a fork in the creamy part to hold and dunk Oreo in your milk.

#9 Peel an orange in record time.

Cut off the two sides of an orange with a sharp knife. Then place on the flat side and cut down the middle. Just peel off and serve.  

#8 Hot mint chocolate at home.

Use leftover mint candies to make a hot mint chocolate at home. Just crush some mint candies using a mortar and pestle. Before adding the hot water, add these crushed pieces to the chocolate powder.

#7 Onion rings for perfect eggs.

Cut an onion into thick rings and place on the frying pan with some oil. Break the egg into the ring to make good-looking and tasty eggs.

#6 Cookies and cream dessert at home.

Dip Oreos in milk and put them in a freezer bag. Put away in the freezer for the best homemade cookie and cream dessert.

#5 Super quick way to ripen bananas.

If you want to use bananas in cooking, the quickest way to ripen is by baking them. Line a tray with baking sheet and put the bananas. After 40 minutes in a 300-degree temperature, the bananas will be ripened and ready to be used.

#4 Meaty sandwiches.

Luncheon meats come in round sizes, not quite covering the entire bread. Well, here’s how you can have a meaty sandwich. Cut the round slices into half. Place the straight sides to match with the straight lines of your sandwich bread.

#3 The right way of peeling a banana.

Start from the bottom, not the stalk side. You’ll get a cleaner experience as the fibrous bits will stick together.

#2 Ripening an avocado.

For making emergency guacamole you will need ripe avocados. If there aren’t any handy, try this method. Wrap foil around your avocado and set your oven to 200 degrees. Put it in and wait for an hour. Although the taste might be a bit different, it will serve your immediate purpose.

#1 Hotdogs as substitutes for meatballs.

Thread uncooked spaghetti into frozen hot dogs. Then boil as you would normally do and watch the smile on your kid’s face as they get a new kind of spaghetti with meatballs dish.

Which one would you try first? Share your comments with us in the section below.

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