Top 25 Astounding Facts That Everyone Should Know

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The universe doesn’t stop to surprise us. Life forms in space as well as above and below the water have zillions of properties that many of us are not aware of. In addition, there are many well-kept secrets in the entertainment, history, science, art and other areas.

FeedFond has collected top 25 astounding facts about the many facets of this earth. Read on to discover!

#25 Ouch!

Circumcision was first performed in ancient Egypt, using stone scissors.

#24 Photography

Of all the photos taken in the world, 10% have been taken within the past one year.

#23 Anomaly

Jerome K. Jerome’s book —Three Men In A Boat—starts with an arresting line: “There were four of us.”

#22 A New High

In the beginning, heroin was promoted as a cough medicine.

#21 Confused

Psychologists are yet to agree on the definition of personality.

#20 Fly to the Moon

Have you ever smelled moon dust? It smells like gunpowder.

#19 Probabilities

The chance of dying in a flight is only 3 times more than being mauled to death by a puma.

#18 The Beginning of Life

IKEA is such a strong brand in Europe that it’s believed that every 10th child in Europe is conceived on an IKEA bed.

#17 Answer from the Other Side

When a medium went into a trance during a séance and told the audience to ask any question, Groucho Marx, the celebrated American comedian, asked a very serious question – “What’s the capital of North Dakota?”

#16 Spiritual Guidance

In China, more people attend the church on Sundays than those who do the same in all of  Europe.

#15 Sniff

Airport security keeps gerbils to spot terrorists. Gerbils can sense the change in the adrenaline of the suspect.

#14 I Swear!

There are road signs in Austria that are called Fucking. These are made of cement and prevent theft.

#13 Arty

From 1912 to 1948, art was a part of the official Olympics.

#12 Royal descendants

In Central Asia, every 10th resident is a descendant of the mighty Genghis Khan.

#11 The richest

Anyone who earns more than $18,000 annually belongs to the top 4% richest people in the world.

#10 Handwriting that kills

Thanks to the infamously illegible handwriting of doctors, 1.5 million US citizens have impaired health and 7,000 citizens die every year.

#9 Live and die

The chances of dying on your birthday are 14% higher than that for any other day.

#8 Oldest wealth

Most diamonds are at least 3 billion years old.

#7 Dead before living

Do you know how many people don’t live till their 1st birthday? 40% of the world population.

#6 Friendship paradox

Most people have fewer friends than their friends do, on average.

#5 You’ll be blessed

Guess who’ll bless you for oversleeping? St. Vitus, the patron saint of over-sleepers.

#4 Expulsion from the earth

If you jump from a hole that goes straight from one end of the earth to the other end, it will take you 42 minutes and 12 seconds.

#3 Dying Dialects

Every 14 days, one dialect of a world language dies out.

#3 Relatives

Beyonce Knowles is a distant relative of the composer, Gustav Mahler. She’s an 8th cousin, 4 times removed.

#2 Celebrity suspect

Pablo Picasso was among the suspects when the “Mona Lisa” went missing from the Louvre in 1911.

#1 Freezing summers

Even though the temperature is -328-degrees Fahrenheit, it’s summer in planet Neptune and the season lasts for 40 years.

Wow! Those were some pretty surprising facts and figures. What do you think? Let us know in the Comments section below. You could also read 15 Surprising Mysteries Of The Universe Scientists Can’t Explain

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