You only have 3 chances to fall in love in your lifetime

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Love. However simple this word might seem, it has more weight than any feeling in the world. Throughout history, great minds have tried and failed to describe it fully. That’s because love is so complex, so fleeting, and so misunderstood, it cannot be explained. It is the quintessential foundation of the human experience.

Love comes in various shapes and forms. But the most common type is the one we share with our significant other. Several psychologists say that an individual can fall in love only 3 times. They believe that this kind of love is encouraged. It is also widely believed that we all need this kind of love in our life.

The Idealistic love

Idealistic love or Fairy Tale love happens at a young age. People in fairy-tale love tend to follow family members or their peers. At this time, small problems and personal ideals are mostly ignored for the sake of the relationship. In this kind of love, outward looks are more important than actual feelings.

The Complex Love

This is probably the most complicated type of love. The complex love can only happen when the fairy tale love has been painfully crushed. This love is painful, as it can hurt the people involved. Lies and manipulation are quite normal. No matter how many attempts are made to salvage the relationship, in most cases, the results are worse than before. Many get stuck in this vicious cycle in hope of momentary happiness.

The Mature Love

The mature love truly comes with age. It comes at a certain point in our life when expectations go right out of the window. It’s the most genuine form of love and partners involved accept each other for what he or she really is. It’s not by any means perfect, but it’s the kind with which people tend to settle.

Which category do you fall in?

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