35+ Incredibly Brave Heroic Dogs Who Saved The Day

Dogs are a man’s best friend and are known to be extremely loyal pets and faithful to their owners. While they are a source of comfort and joy for many of us, they are also extremely heroic in nature. 

There are guide dogs and dogs who are used in rescue operations and of course, there are comfort dogs whose cuddly warmth makes our day. We at FeedFond have compiled 35+ photos of dogs who saved the day with their incredibly heroic acts.

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#40 Layka The Hero Military Dog

In an attempt to rescue her handler, she was shot at point-blank range by an AK-47. She still managed to subdue the attacker but, had to undergo a 7-hour surgery to recover from her wounds.

#39 Geo

He was small and just 8 months old but, his act was far more heroic for his age. This puppy pushed Charles Riley out of the way and saved him from being hit by a truck; he was hit and run over instead.

#38 Tonight This Guy Barked At Me For Thirty Minutes To Take Him Out Despite Just Going. Turned Out We Had A Gas Leak In Our Apartment And He Just Wanted Us To Get Out

#37 Kelsey

This five-year-old Golden retriever saved his owner’s life by keeping him warm at a temperature of -4C by lying on top of him for 24 hours. The owner was wearing long johns, a shirt, and slippers when he went outside for a few minutes. Unfortunately, he slipped and broke his neck. His dog Kelsey braked throughout the night for help and licked his hands and face to keep him awake.

#36 Maggie

When she heard foster puppies crying, she slowly walked out of her kennel just to comfort them. 

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#35 Our Blind Dog Molly Saved The Lives Of 7 People, 2 Dogs, And 4 Cats From Fire

Our house caught fire at 2 am on November 2016. Our dog Molly woke us up. She saved the lives of 7 people, 2 dogs, and 4 cats. She was blind and given 2 months to live 4 months before the fire. 2 years later, and she is still alive and kicking. We take her to the vet weekly to get fluid drained from her lungs. She is still happy and wagging.

#34 Tator Tot

Tator Tot saved a 4-year-old child by barking and running back and forth between the child’s mother and the boy. He continued to do so till the woman checked on her son. She found TatorTot barking and pawing at him, licking his face.

#33 Figo

He jumped between in front of a bus heading towards his blind owner and taking most of the hit in the process.

#32 Bretagne

She was the last surviving 9/11 rescue dog. At the time of the incident, she was 2 years old. she survived until the age of 16 years.

#31 Chako

He took 12 stab wounds for his owner who was being attacked by an abusive partner.

#30 Lily

She saved her unconscious owner by lying down on top of her and preventing her from being hit by a freight train. Sadly, Lily was extremely injured and her front right leg which had to be amputated in surgery.

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#29 Storm

Storm saved an injured baby deer from drowning. Good Doggo Storm.

#28 Whenever I’m Sick, My Dog Thinks His Love Is The Cure

#27 Rex

Rex was adopted by Ed Gernon. Rex found a dying hummingbird whom he took back with him; together he and Ed nursed the hummingbird back to health.

#26 When a fire broke out into their house, Pitbull Baby alerted the family and saved them. She also went back into the house that was ablaze to save all of the other five family dogs.

#25 Sam

He was a search and rescue dog in the PA for 10 years who helped find over 300 children.

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#24 I Walked In To See My Pitbull, Akasha, Who Has Never Had Puppies, Is Now Nursing A 4 Week Old Feral Kitten I Saved. Nature Is Amazing.

#23 This mother just saved her puppies from a fire

#22 Kabang

She saved two children from being involved in a motorcycle crash. She got knocked over instead and lost half her face.

#21 Katy Mae

Katy saved her owner Jerry Flanigan when he was attacked by two pit bulls by lying down on top of him and shielding his neck from being bitten.

#20 Jack

Jack saved Kitty when she was being attacked by two coyotes.

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#19 My Best Friend Turns 12 Today. She’s Flown In Helicopters, Saved Me From Dozens Of Bears, And Volunteered As A Therapy Dog At A Local Hospital. She’s Definitely Earned A Day Off Today

#18 Hero

Service dog Hero attended all his owner’s Masters classes with her at the University of Illinois.

#17 Max

When max and his owner were attacked by armed robbers, the brave Max saved his owner by taking three bullets for him.

#16 Duke

He saved a 9-week old baby by alerting the baby’s parents.

#15 China

She found an abandoned on a winter night in the fields and took the baby back to keep with her own newborn puppies in the pen. The human caretaker later found the baby.

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#14 While taking a walk with his owner, this dog helped save another dog that was buried alive

#13 Buster

When Buster’s owner fell unconscious on the floor, Buster saved his life by alerting his wife with his loud barks.

#12 Dog Refuses To Leave His Family’s Eight Goats; Protects Herd And Baby Deer From California Wildfires

 #11 Sergeant Stubby

He was a World War 1 Hero dog and often played a vital role in saving his regiment from mustard attacks.

#10 Roselle

On 9/11, Roselle led her owner Michael Hingson from the 78th floor, away from the collapsing buildings to a friend’s house in mid-Manhattan.

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#9 Cooper The Super Pooper. The Hero Dog Who Saved Me From Drowning And Detected My Heart Attack Before I Knew It

#8 K-9 Officer Kasper Was Shot Protecting His Partner

#7 Porkchop

A one-year-old Search and Rescue dog who worked relentlessly at Ground Zero after 9/11 attacks

#6 Faith

She saved her owner, Leena’s life by dialing 911 with her nose when Leena had a seizure.

#5 This Pretty Lady Chased Off A Bear For Me And My Cat Tonight. Meet My Hero Abigail

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#4 Mercey

She protected her 30-year old female owner from intruders who broke into their apartment; sustaining life-threatening injuries in the process.

#3 Abbie

Abbie helped saved Benjamin’s life by alerting Benjamin’s mother know that Benjamin was choking.

#2 Frida

Frida saved 52 people during Mexico’s earthquake.

#1 Callie and Abby

They saved their 4-year-old owner Angelis from a fox that tried to drag her away.

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