4 Fun Characteristics of the Papillon Dog Breed That You Should Know

The Papillon is one of the oldest toy dog breeds, dating back to the time of Queen Marie Antoinette and King Louis XIV. This cute breed has been featured in paintings from as far back as the 16th century. They have been a popular dog breed and remain so even till today. Besides having butterfly-shaped ears that give them their name – Papillon means butterfly in French – this small sized dog is active, good with children and other dogs, and can be trained easily.

However, there are four unique and fun qualities of a Papillon that makes them the perfect pet that comes in a small size.

#1 Born To Be Beautiful.

Papillons combine ease and glamour seamlessly. Their beautiful butterfly-shaped ears, long flowing coat, and their plumed tail all together give this breed of dogs a certain elegance that few breeds can claim. On top, they don’t need to be groomed every day. An occasional brush down their coat is all they need.

#2 Intelligent To The Power Infinity.

Intelligence is another fun trait of Papillons. They are alert and active, always eager to learn and practice new tricks. There’s nothing that they cannot be trained to do – sports or tricks – just remember, like all dogs, this intelligent breed does better with positive reinforcement. They thrive on mental stimulation, so the more you exercise their mind AND body, the better it is for their health and happiness. Not to mention the strong bond you two will develop.

#3 As Versatile As A Swiss Army-Knife.

Papillons excel in dog sports and obedience activities. They are especially strong performers in agility sports. Obstacle courses are no challenge for this breed of dog, flying through obstacle courses is a breeze for this small, agile dog. They’re great at fetching games and won’t tire easily.

In dog shows, the Papillons have an innate ability to show themselves – it’s almost like they know they’re on display. They attract attention with their alert look, plumed tail, long coat and the most unique feature of all – their butterfly ears.

But surprise of all surprises is that the Papillon is even used as a therapy dog. Their happy and energetic temperament makes them a friendly dog that can serve as a great companion.

#4 The Perfect Companion.

Papillons do not like being left alone. When their human companion is not home, they will spend time with the cat. They’re always looking for companionship and do not do well if their owner is gone for long. Even if that means joining them in the bathroom. Their light weight and short height make them an excellent companion to carry or curl up with and take on short trips outside, or while running errands. So, the Papillon makes the perfect partner for people living alone or the elderly. Their love, warmth, burst of energy, alertness, and trainability makes them an ideal companion for people of all ages.

Are you the proud owner of a Papillon or any other toy dog? Care to share your special stories with us? Please use the Comments section below!

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