5 simple ways to move on with your life after a serious breakup

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If you’ve never experienced heartbreak, consider yourself lucky – very lucky. Breakups are painful, especially when you’re left picking up the pieces. You miss that feeling of warmth, safety, and comfort. Chances are your partner was your best friend too.

But, life goes on and you can’t stay secluded in your pajamas forever. You’ve gotta get back out there – and we here at Feedfond will show you how.

# 5. Accept That Your Relationship Is Over.

You need to accept that you are not in a relationship anymore. You may have been in love, but learn to let go. Whether it was mutual or one-sided, it doesn’t matter now. Be strong and accept the truth.

# 4. Be Strong About Yourself.

You were doing good before you were in a relationship. Granted the time you spent together was even better, but don’t get yourself down. Things might seem cloudy at the moment, but there is a silver lining in the near horizon.

# 3. Get Busy And Keep Yourself Occupied.

Start doing something. If you keep yourself busy and occupied, you will think less of your ex. Call old friends, learn to paint, or take an exercise class you’ve always wanted. My advice, just do something that makes you feel like YOU again.

# 2. Enjoy Your Newfound Singledom.

After staying too long in a relationship it’s difficult to groove into the single status. But it does come with certain advantages … buy an Xbox, party late with your friends, you can even do the things your Ex didn’t like you doing!

# 1. Celebrate Life Around You!

Breakups are hard, so it’s going to be hard to feel happy after a breakup. Your friends can help you out a lot here. Say “yes” to road trip! To that road trip your friend has planned, or say “hi” to the girl at the coffee shop, maybe flirt a little! Enjoy the little things. Surround yourself with happy and cheerful people.

Time heals all wounds and you’ll get over this ordeal. You will go through denial, anger, and maybe even depression, but hope is waiting right around the corner. Just live every day to the fullest and everything will be ok.

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