6 Absolutely Essential Stretches to Do Before Getting Out of Bed

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When you wake up in the morning, you probably get out of the bed immediately and put on the kettle. Or make a coffee. Whatever it is, you have some start of routine—whether or not you’re aware of it. You likely start thinking about the day ahead, the piled-up work, what to wear, and how soon you can reach office.

But hold on. Before you let all this crowd in and take over your peace of mind, lay in bed for a few minutes extra and try these 6 simple stretches. You’ll be amazed at the results—your body and mind will feel refreshed, energetic, and you’ll notice a spring in your step.

Read on to find out more about the 6 essential stretches you can do before getting out of the bed for a great day ahead.

#6 Seated forward bend

The forward bend is great after sleeping all night. It helps prepare your hamstrings, spine, and pelvis for standing or sitting all day.

Start by sitting on the ground (the softness of a mattress isn’t great for these exercises). Lift your torso from the reclined position. Keep your legs straight and as you inhale, stretch your spine. When you exhale, walk your fingertips towards your feet. Keep stretching your spine with inhalation and sink deeper with exhalation. When you reach the farthest point comfortably possible, let your neck hang loosely over your legs and feel relaxed. After about 10 rounds of breathing, slowly sit up straight again.

#5 Knees to chest stretching

Laying on your back, bend your knees towards your body until the feet are flat on the bed. Stretch your hand and bring one knee towards your chest while hugging your shins.  Put your head on the pillow and stay in this relaxed position. Take 10 rounds of deep breaths. Go back to the original position and repeat with the other knee. This stretch will gently wake up your lower back, help you relax, and wake up refreshed.

#4 Supine twist

After you’ve done the knees to chest stretching, let go of your shins and let your arms fall on both sides of your torso in a T-shape. With your knees bent and shoulders laying back on the bed, let your legs rest on one side. Turn your torso and look towards the opposite side. The supine twist is great for stretching the back muscles, waking you up by increasing the circulation.

#3 Bed to floor stretch

Swing your feet over the side of the bed so that they touch the floor. Keeping your knees bent, bend forward and hang your head and arms down toward the floor. Hold for 5 breaths to give a fresh supply of oxygen to the brain and help you wake up.

#2 Figure four stretch

Cross your right foot over your left knee in the shape of figure 4. Slowly bend your left knee up toward the ceiling. Keep the left foot on your mattress or hug it in toward your chest. Make sure you keep your right knee bent out to the right to maintain this shape. Hold for 5 deep breaths. Repeat for the opposite side. This helps lubricate the hip joints, thighs, and glutes to make movements less stiff after you wake up.

#1 Full body stretch

As you inhale, reach your arms overhead, clasp your fingers together, flip your palms out toward the wall behind your head, and push your palms away from you. At the same time, reach your toes away from your arms while keeping your knees straight. Hold this fully-stretched position for 5 counts. Now exhale and release the stretch. Repeat 3 times and feel the stiffness going away from your body and limbs.

Hope you’ll soon be on your way to trying these out. Don’t forget to share your stretching experience with us in the Comments section below. You might also like to read 7 Amazing Workouts To Lose The Back And Side Flab.

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