6-Year-Old Child Developmental Milestones

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It is not unusual for parents to wonder if their children are growing properly both mentally and physically. Often they are not quite sure exactly what to expect from a 6-year-old.

This is a time when your child is learning a lot and discovering who they are. They’re adopting social skills that will shape their character well into their adulthood. 

This is also a very early learning stage for them academically. In this article, we are going to explore the developments you can expect from your 6-year-old child. 

Physical Development Of 6-Year-Olds 

Physical Development Of 6-Year-Olds 

By the age of 6, kids display remarkable athleticism. They will be happy kicking a ball out on the field and showing off their dance moves.

They will be excellent swimmers if you send them to a swimming school. Be sure to keep an eye on them to avoid any serious injury.

At this stage, your little one will be able to use different types of tools such as scissors, rulers, screwdrivers and so on under parental supervision.

Their hand and eye coordination will improve. Their muscles will grow stronger. Many  6-year-olds will be very good at soccer, softball, baseball, and other sports by this time.

Your child’s baby teeth will also begin to fall out and the adult, permanent teeth will gradually take their place.

The Growth of a 6-Year-Old 

If your child is a boy, he should weigh between 44 and 46 lbs by this time. If you have a girl, she should weigh between 43 and 45 lbs.

A boy’s height should be within the range of 44 and 46 inches. A girl should be around 44.5 to 46 inches in height. However, don’t worry if your child doesn’t fall exactly within this range.

The height and weight vary from one kid to another and has to do with genetics. So there is no need to panic if your kid is slightly taller or heavier than this.

However, if you’re at all concerned that your child is not where they should be, you might want to talk with a child specialist. They will be able to confirm if something is wrong with your baby. 

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Cognitive Development Of 6-Year-Olds 

Cognitive Development Of 6-Year-Olds 

By the age of six, your little one will show vast improvements in terms of their cognitive development. They will be able to communicate very well both in the spoken and written word.

At this stage, they will also show in-depth analytical skills. They’ll be more aware of their surroundings and will engage in activities that require intellectual decision-making.

Language Skills 

At the age of six, a child is supposed to have an impressive collection of 2,600 to 3,000 words in their vocabulary. It’s quite normal for them to have a little more or a little less. They’ll be able to communicate fluently. Their sentence structure will become even more complex.

Problem Solving Skills 

Your child will be able to solve basic mathematical problems like adding and deducting. They’ll also be able to solve more complex puzzles. They’ll have 20/20 vision and they will be able to distinguish between left and right.

Their writing skills will advance drastically. Your 6-year-old may even start writing stories and reading books. Some even begin to show a talent in writing poems or rhymes.

As they hit the 6-year mark, kids usually begin to pay more attention to the information they receive. They’ll become more and more capable of processing complex thoughts.

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Emotional Development Of 6-Year-Olds 

Emotional Development Of 6-Year-Olds 

At the age of six, your child is going to be extremely attached to you, your spouse and other adults who belong in their familiar circle.

They’ll love to be the center of attention, but they will also try to please the people they care about. They’ll strive to be independent.

Your child will display jealousy and competitiveness at this age. They may become agitated if their parents or the people around them don’t pay them enough attention.

It’s normal for a 6-year-old to show confidence and pride when they’re praised. They will also show signs of sadness when they are criticized or told off.

You need to be extremely careful with your words when it comes to dealing with a 6-year-old. They can understand more than you may think. 

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Social Skills Development Of 6-Year-Olds 

Social Skills Development Of 6-Year-Olds A 6-year-old is going to love the company of other kids in the classroom or in the playground. They’ll have a very good understanding of the concept of sharing and taking turns.

Your child will form close bonds with other kids and will have some very close friends. They’ll be concerned if they see one of their friends hurt. Buy them age-appropriate toys to help them socialize too.

The difference in gender will become apparent among 6-year-old kids.  A 6-year old will become more concerned about acceptance. They will seek appreciation and praise from kids, their parents and other grown-ups. 

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Other Developments Of 6-Year-Olds 

Other Developments Of 6-Year-Olds 

You will also notice some other developments in your child by this time. For instance, there will be changes in their sleeping pattern. There will also be significant changes in their personality.

Sleeping Hours 

At 6-years-old, your kid will require at least 9 to 11 hours of sleep at night. They will no longer need to sleep during the day.

Developments in Personality

Many kids will become more aware of their right to privacy at this age. You will often notice that your child will ask you to leave the room before they undress. They will also require privacy now when they use the toilet.

Things to Look Out for 

Watch out for the following tendencies in your child:  

  • They seem to have a very limited vocabulary
  • They are incapable of having simple conversations
  • They are  not interested  in playing with other kids
  • They often seem to be completely withdrawn or depressed
  • They become  agitated or violent often and easily

If your child shows any of the above-mentioned behavior, you should take them to a child specialist. 

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Allow your 6-year-old to play with other kids and enjoy their freedom. Make sure they’re able to have simple conversations.

6-year-olds should be able to solve simple mathematical problems. They should also be able to use tools like screwdrivers, rulers, and scissors under parental supervision.

If you think your child is not communicating very clearly with you or is getting agitated very easily, consider taking them to a child specialist. With proper guidance, your little one should get back on the right track.

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