7-Year-Old Child Developmental Milestones

7-Year-old Developmental Milestones

Each and every child goes through a massive transformation throughout their childhood. There are several developmental milestones that they should reach in every phase of their life.

These milestones are the most important means of measuring the healthy growth of your child. They help us as parents to understand how they are progressing both mentally and physically.

Although the progress made by 7-year-olds follow a predictable pattern, it isn’t a  hard and fast rule. Some kids may mature faster than other kids of the same age. But rest assured that the others will gradually catch up.

In this article, we are going to talk about the most important development milestones for a 7-year-old. 

Physical Development Of 7-Year-Olds 

Physical Development Of 7-Year-Olds 

At the age of 7, a child does not show any massive improvements in terms of their motor skills. They’ll mostly continue to refine the skills that they have already acquired.

One of the major changes you might witness is your child’s ability to combine different motor skills with ease. For instance, your child will be skillful at moving around while performing various dance moves.

Your kid’s balance will continue to improve when it comes to running, jumping, crawling and cycling. Many children show extraordinary acrobatic skills at this age too.

The Growth of your Child 

On average, a 7-year-old girl will weigh around 48.5 to 50 lbs. A boy will weigh around 50 to 52 lbs. A 7-year-old girl will be around  120 to 122 cm tall. Whereas a boy of the same age will be around 120.5 to 122 cm tall.

However, the weight and height of a child vary significantly from one to another. This often comes down to genetics. 

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Cognitive Development Of 7-Year-Olds 

Cognitive Development Of 7-Year-Olds 

In most cases, 7-year-olds will be very curious about anything and everything they come across. They’ll ask you all kinds of questions about the world around them.


Your child will show huge progress in reading and writing at school. They’ll also begin to show impressive skills at solving mathematical problems.

Your child will be able to stay focused at school for a longer period of time. They’ll be able to understand and process most of the information they’ll be exposed to.

Language Skills 

7-year-olds will be more precise about expressing their emotions when speaking and writing. They can have in-depth conversations with other children as well as adults. 7-year-olds are now quite capable of expressing the way they feel in a more meaningful way.

Your child will also show advanced skills in using grammatical markers like “me”, “you”, “we”, “us”, “he”, “she”, “they” etc. They’ll also use possessive pronouns like “my”, “mine”, “his”, “her” etc. 

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Social Development Of 7-Year-Olds  

Social Development Of 7-Year-Olds  

By the age of 7, your little boy or girl will have more friends to play with. They’ll enjoy the company of kids who are the same age.

However, they’ll also be interested in spending time with grown-ups, such as an older sibling, their parents, an uncle, an aunt or a neighbor.

One of the key developments at this stage will be that your child will want to spend more time alone. They’ll enjoy reading books, drawing, playing solo games or simply watching TV.

This is an important phase as it allows a child to explore his or her inner feelings. It also allows children to develop their thought process and utilize innovative problem-solving skills.

Advanced Level Socializing

You’ll start to notice that your 7-year-old will become more mindful of other people ’s opinions. They’ll be influenced by what others are saying about the way they dress, cycle, paint and more. This often leads to peer pressure and allows kids to learn to adapt and be tolerant. 

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Emotional Development Of 7-Year-Olds

Emotional Development Of 7-Year-Olds

Your child will have more control over their emotions. However, 7-year-olds will often act out when something is not going their way.

They won’t hesitate to show joy when something makes them feel happy and sorrow when they feel sad. They’ll gradually become shyer when they encounter strangers.

In general, a 7-year old will become more tolerant of any changes around them. They’ll try to adapt to the situation unless it is something they feel really strongly about.

However, they’ll also be very sensitive about losing in a game or not getting their way in an argument.

They’ll be less vocal about their disappointment about defeat. But it will still be a serious blow to their self-esteem.

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Other Developments Of 7-Year-Olds

Other Developments Of 7-Year-Olds

Your child will show developments in other areas as well. They will be able to execute many more everyday tasks by themselves. There will also be changes to the sleeping pattern.  

Day to Day Chores 

Your 7-year-old will be able to get dressed and undressed by themselves. They’ll no longer want you to be there when they go to the toilet or brush their teeth.

They can even take baths by themselves and wash themselves using soap and shampoo. If you teach them now, they’ll even be able to clean their own dinner plates.

Sleeping Habits 

A kid will need at least 8 hours’ sleep at the age of seven. Most of them will sleep for 10 to 11 hours. However, they should not be sleeping for any less than 7 hours under any circumstances.

Things to Look Out for 

If your 7-year-old shows any of the following signs, you should  be concerned:

  • Getting  agitated easily and reacting violently
  • No  interest in interacting with other kids
  • Not being able to focus at school
  • Problems with following simple instructions

Although some kids make progress faster than others, if you think your kid is lagging behind, talk to a child specialist. 

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By the age of 7, you should allow your child to run around and explore. But at the same time, you should keep a close eye on their development.

Your child will begin to take on more advanced lessons at school. However, don’t overburden your 7-year-old with excessive works.

7-year-olds are more capable of controlling their emotions. But at the same time, they may also find it difficult to process negative feelings.

Try to be understanding instead of controlling. Try to understand the reason behind their emotions that is causing them to act this way.

If anything seems wrong or you’re concerned about your child’s development, take them to see a child specialist or child psychologist as soon as possible.

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