This 7-Year-Old Steelers Fan Asked Santa to Save His Favorite Footballer

There are few things in this world as pure as a child believing in Santa Clause. They stay good all year in hopes that Santa will fulfill their wishes.

While there are countless wishes for material things such as Xbox or a dope skateboard, few requests really stand out. 7-year-old Griffin Murphy from Nashville, TN asked Santa for a  quick recovery of his favorite athlete, Ryan Shazier.

Letter to Santa:

Ryan Dean Shazier (aka 50) is an American football inside linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League.

If you are a Steelers fan, you probably know that Shazier suffered a spinal injury. He had to be taken to the hospital in the middle of a game against Cincinnati on December 4th. Shazier remains in a Pittsburg hospital, although team officials said that he started physical rehab this week.

“Every toy that Santa can bring me—Ryan Shazier coming back onto the field someday will be the biggest present I’ve ever had in my life,” Griffin says.

Watch the Video:

Santa, if you are reading this – please help the little man out!

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