Top 8 Best Kept Secrets To Make Your Eyes More Expressive

Eyes are the mirror to our souls. Eyes speak unspoken words and thoughts. So, it’s small wonder that women are always looking for ways and means to make those peepers speak volumes.

FeedFond has compiled the top 8 best kept secrets to having eyes that are sure to turn heads.

#1 Groom those eyebrows.

According to the shape of your face, give shape to your eyebrows. Use wax or an eyebrow pencil or even a light shimmering eye-shadow to enhance your eyebrows.

#2 Use highlighter.

For a simple but attractive look, apply highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes and along the contour of your eyebrows. Highlighters give a sheen to your skin.

#3 Arrows on the eyelids.

Draw arrows on the eyelids and fill in with black kohl or liquid eyeliner for a retro look that never goes out of style!

#4 The Smoky Look.

Create smoky eyes can add some nice drama to your look. Apply the lightest shade in the inner corner of your eye. The medium shade should be applied on the entire eyelid. Choose the darkest shade for the outer corners of your eyes, crease and the lower eyelid. Apply some eyeliner and mascara and you’re good to go.

#5 White eye pencil.

Apply a white pencil along the lower inner rim of your eye to make your eyes look bigger. Alternately, you can simply add a point in the inner corner of your eye and blend it to enhance your eyes.

#6 Curl those lashes.

Curling the eyelashes gives a neat and naturally beautiful look to your eyes.

#7 Mascara magic.

Use mascara to lengthen your eyelashes. Apply the mascara from the base of your lashes in an upward movement while looking up. Then apply the mascara vertically on each lash.

#8 Leave the bright lipstick.

To enhance your eyes, put full attention on them. Leave the bright red lipstick to be used for another day. Instead, choose a nude lipstick or a shiny lip gloss.

Share if you have any tips on how to enhance the beauty of your eyes. Please use the Comments section below.

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