8 Hard Truths to Embrace Early on for a Better Life


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There are some hard truths in life you really can’t ignore, no matter how hard you try. Certain things will happen unavoidably, and it’s better to recognize these beforehand and mentally prepare yourself. The heartache and pain will be there, but if you know you’re going to face it one day or another, you’re better able to enjoy both the small and big joys life affords you. As they say, life is not a bed of roses. So, in order to survive through thick and thin, contemplate the inevitabilities and you’ll feel that you’re much stronger when you face them.

FeedFond has collected 8 hard truths of life that should be accepted with grit and grace. Scroll down to read.

#8 Everyone you love is going to die

Life is very short and you should make the most of the relationships with your friends and family. You never know what tomorrow may bring. One day your parents will no longer be there. Take time out to spend time with them. Show your friends and family how much you care. In the end, all you’ll be left with are memories. So, create great moments to give you a wonderful basket of memories, not regrets.

#7 The meaning you give to your life is in your hands

You have control over how meaningful your life can be. Don’t compare yourself to others. Focus on what makes you happy. Remember that money or wealth may not necessarily give you happiness. You may be happy doing a menial job in a grocery or being a top echelon executive. It’s your thoughts and actions that can create a meaningful and peaceful world for you. Before looking outside, look within.

#6 Nobody’s perfect

There’s no such thing as a perfect partner. Everyone has their flaws and good sides. Even you! So, work on the relationship. As long as your core values match those of your partner’s, you’re in for the long haul. Learn what ticks off your partner and ways to handle it. In the same way, make your pet peeves known to your partner. It takes two to tango. Clear communication is the key to preserving a relationship.

#5 Life’s a game

Ask yourself what you want from life; then, set goals towards achieving it. Work hard and honestly so that you leave no loopholes on the way to achieving your dreams. If you don’t tread on the unknown path, you’ll never know. Everything in life is an experience and you have to learn from life’s lessons.

#4 Immortality

There’s no such thing as immortality. Everything eventually comes to an end. Embrace the years you’re given and accept that you’re going to grow old and one day, leave this world. This will make you appreciate all good things in life. It will encourage you to leave your mark. Do something good that people will talk about even after you’re gone.

#3 Enjoy the little things

Slow down and take a breather. Find peace and romance in little things like drinking a mug of coffee while sitting on the balcony and watching the birds fly by. Nature is the best form of healer and a great source of peace and calm. Take time off every weekend to go for a walk or simply lay down on the grass and look at the sky. Don’t let the mundane daily routine take over your happiness.

#2 Be serious about big things

Even though it’s not good to take life too seriously, it’s also not a good practice to let things slip by. If you want to work on art or writing skills, it will not just fall out of the sky! You must put in some hard work and effort. You’ve got to stick to it even though you may feel like giving up at times. Persistence and perseverance to achieve the big things in life will never fail you.

#1 Stop complaining 

Don’t blame life or fate or someone else for making your life the way it is. Figure out a way to solve problems or work around them, as opposed to whining and complaining all the time. If you think hard enough, there’s a solution to most problems. Things will not change as a result of complaining. You will only push people away. Take things head-on and be proactive.


Which of these resonates the most with you? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below. For more life truths, check out Top 15 Bad Habits to Get Rid of for a More Fulfilling Life.


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