8 Things We Need To Stop Doing With Our Phones For Our Own Good

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In this fast-paced world, phones have become an irreplaceable part of our lives. Like every electronic device, phones also need maintenance and care.

See the 8 things you shouldn’t be doing that may cause harm to your daily driver.

#8 Not updating apps

It’s essential that you update your phone software and apps to the latest version. The latest version of any app contains the latest security, updated user interface (UI) and error fixes.

#7 Letting your emails build up

Most of us ignore our email inboxes and let our unread email count cross thousands. This action is enough to make your phone crazy. Your phone always keeps track of all the emails and thus putting a strain on your battery life.

#6 Using Free WiFi

Who doesn’t love free wifi? Many of us enjoy browsing through social media or news while getting a coffee at our local Starbucks. But it’s a gold mine for hackers and data recording bots. They record everything you see and type including credit card information and social logins.

#5 Closing apps to save battery

While it’s logical to follow the theory that if an app is not running – then it won’t drain my battery. But there is solid proof that clearing background apps don’t save battery, rather it uses more juice and data when starting again. Much like how a car uses more gas at ignition rather than running on idle for a few minutes.

#4 Geotags

Geotags are lovely things – it lets your friends know what restaurant you are at now and which tourist spot you are visiting. Sometimes it shows which route you are taking home. However, the bad also comes with the good. Cybercriminals exploit these geo-tags and are researching the best place to strike. It’s how Kim Kardashian was robbed at her Paris apartment. The assailant was following her movements on social media – through geotags.

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#3 Using sub-standard chargers.

The charger that came with your phone was tested by experts and optimized to charge your phone perfectly without damaging your battery. The $5 deal on the cheap charger may cause severe problems. According to experts, “A poor design can suffer several problems. If the output voltage is not filtered well, there will be noise and spikes due to the high-frequency switching. At extreme levels, this could damage your phone, but the most common symptom is the touchscreen doesn’t work while the charger is plugged in.”

#2 Not cleaning your phone

Our phones might just be the dirtiest thing we ever carry with us. It has more germs than the inside of your mouth. We use phones in bed, in the streets, and sometimes even in the bathroom! Think of the germs that get on your phone every day! We are exposing ourselves to harmful germs such as Salmonella, E. Coli, and C.

#1 Not using a protective case or insurance

You may love to show your brand-new, shiny glass-backed to your friends, but it takes one slip of your hand to turn it into a disfigured piece of hardware. There is nothing like the panic you feel when your phone hits the ground and you pray that it isn’t shattered into bits. While cases may make your phone bulkier … and gaudy, it will keep you stress-free and save a few bucks!

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