8 Things The Love Of Your Life Would Want You To Know

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We often take a steady relationship for granted and think we already know the love of our life like the back of our hand. But, you  might like to give this another thought.

You’ll be surprised at these 8 things your partner wishes you knew. Not everything can be expressed in words. Especially when we’re so used to having each other.

Scroll down and enjoy this read!

#1 You’re Always On My Mind and In My Heart

They may not always tell you so, but you’re definitely always on the mind and in the heart of your partner. Saying “I love you” all the time may not be possible but rest assured that these three magic words rule your relationship. You’re a part of your partner’s mind, heart, and soul.

#2 I’m Your Numero Uno

Your partner wants to be the first on your list. Though your work, immediate family members, and close friends will obviously take up some time in your life, understand that your partner wants to be on top of the priority list. Their world revolves around you.

#3 You’re My Number One

Everything our partners do, they do for us. Just like they are on top of our list, we are on theirs. We are the first thing on their mind when they wake up. And the last thing they think about before they fall asleep. They want to celebrate every success with you. They want you to be there when they’re feeling down. Through ups and downs of life, it’s you they want to be with. So, give them their due respect and bask in the warmth of true love.

#4 You Make Me Whole

You’re the reason why your partner feels whole. Before you walked into their life, they didn’t have as much fun or excitement. After having started to share their life with you, they have come to a complete circle. They feel they are a well-rounded person.

#5 You Make Me a Better Person

Your partner strives to make everything right in your eyes. That’s why they put an extra effort into being a better person. They don’t want a single thing that could make you think lesser of them. So, continue to give encouragement to your partner to help them become better at all things.

#6 I Need Your Appreciation

Keep telling your partner that every little thing they do is magic. Whatever they do, they want your whole-hearted appreciation and admiration. It’s up to you to encourage your partner all the way and show your appreciation for things both big and small.

#7 I Believe In You

The trust and faith your partner has in you is literally bottomless. They have blind faith in you and all that you do. The love of your life believes in your decisions, your opinion, and all the actions you choose to take.

#8 You Are My Sunshine

Your partner believes that without you, life would be a song without music or a day without sunshine. Everything is enhanced because you’re in his life. With you, life has gotten better!

Do you agree with all the things the love of your life wishes you knew? Let us know in the comments section below!

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