8 Effective Tips to Help You Lose Weight

8 Tips Guaranteed to Help You Lose Weight

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Typing ‘best ways to lose weight’ in Google, yields 3,590,000 search results, which makes it a pretty popular topic. So what is the best way to lose weight? In the simplest terms, we lose weight by burning more calories than we consume.

Why can’t we just eat less food or burn more calories? The specific answer lies within each of us. However, there are many of the same challenges that we all share. Before we discuss the tips to lose weight, let’s first take a look at some of the biggest obstacles people face when trying to lose weight.

Biggest Challenges to Losing Weight

#1. Sedentary Lifestyle

Having a desk job means sitting down for 8-10 hours per day. Also, many places of work offer high-calorie snacks to keep employees alert and motivated. This adds up to eating more calories than you burn, making it very hard to lose weight.

#2. Lack of Motivation to Exercise

If you find it difficult to motivate yourself to go the gym after a hard day’s work, you are not alone. One of most common new year’s resolutions is to lose weight by joining a gym. For those that start the new year attending a gym, many stops going due to a lack of time, motivation, or interest.

#3. Overeating at Meal Time

Whether you want to acknowledge it or not chances are you are overeating every time you sit down to eat a meal. Portions and food servings have increased significantly over the years. This is especially true if you are going out to eat.

Best Tips for Losing Weight

First, make sure there is no chemical reason you are not losing weight. A simple blood test with your doctor will confirm this. Then, remember that losing weight is all in your mind. You are the only thing holding yourself back from losing weight. To help you, here is a brief list of popular tips that many dieters will suggest as ways to consume less and minimize calorie intake. Try some or all of these, and see what works for you.

#1. Try an appetite suppressant:

Natural supplements based on plant products are a safe and effective way to help you feel fuller so you won’t overeat. However, the overwhelming amount of supplement brands make it hard to choose the truly effective ones over the imitations.

In order to spend your money wisely, do some research into which brands are the most trustworthy. In addition, take a look at Authority Health, a website dedicated to producing comprehensive reports about the latest wellness products and natural supplements.

#2. Get up every half hour:

Set an alarm to get out of your chair every half hour to move and stretch. Make an office challenge to run up flights of stairs together. Having your co-workers involved will make it easier to stick to this plan.

#3. Make exercise fun:

Get motivated by finding something you love. Take a class in dancing, or join a mixed martial arts class. If you hate your workout, then you need to change what you do. Finding a workout routine that you can enjoy is critical if you want to be able to stick with it long enough to be able to lose the pounds. Write down your goals or workout with a friend to help motivate each other.

#4. Meal-time strategy:

When eating out, only eat half of the portion and save the rest in a doggy bag for another time. When eating at home, use a smaller plate, have a big first course of salad and make the main course half the size of the salad.

#5. Examine your diet:

 Are you consuming unnecessary sugar? Take a look at your drinks and snacks. Switch to water and nuts instead of soda and chocolate. This little switch can make a huge difference.

#6. Eat like a European:

 Europeans have their biggest meal in the middle of the day and enjoy a light supper. One study even suggests that timing of meals is a crucial indicator of obesity.

#7. Get more sleep:

Most of us are seriously sleep deprived which needlessly puts stress our bodies. When stressed we tend to eat more.

#8. Exercise every day:

 Even if you have 10 minutes, do something. Build up from 5 minutes to half an hour a day or at least twice a day for 15 minutes. Exercise by doing something you enjoy, but be consistent.

Start Today

Whether you want to lose 5 lbs or 50 lbs, it all starts with today. Challenge yourself with one of the tips above to start looking and feeling your best.


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