9 Reasons Why Leonbergers Are The Coolest Dog Breed Ever!

Leonbergers are one of the coolest dogs you could ever meet. Many have expressed that meeting one is an unforgettable experience and they often say it’s a moment they won’t forget.

Leonbergers are a healthy mix of Saint Bernard, Newfie, and Great Pyrenees. Legend has it that the breed was supposedly bred as a symbolic dog to mimic the Lion’s Crest of Leonberg in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The jumbo-sized dog was bred in 1846 by Heinrich Essig, exotic dog breeder and mayor of Leonberg.

Their lion-like majestic appearance and bark gave an intimidating impression and made them very popular in several European rich and royal households. This breed was seen with Napoleon II, Empress Elizabeth of Austria-Hungary, Otto Von Bismarck, Emperor Napoleon III, and Umberto I of Italy.

Leonbergers were first seen in the USA in 1970 and became a part of American Kennel Club (AKC) Working class dogs in 2010.

Follow us on a journey to know a Leonberger and why you will remember one if you met one.

# Always in the spotlight.

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Leonbergers may not always win top prizes, but they are born show-stealers! At the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2016 held in NYC, the 2-year-old Dario earned the nickname ‘Snack-Attack-Leo’ and became the crowd favorite overnight, and a media sensation. Dario’s attempt to steal snacks from the handler was too cute to describe!

# Stunning majestic appearance.

Many breeds have special characteristics that make them unique. But Leonbergers have combined them all. Great hair, athletic body, black mask and that kindly expression … they are everything you wished for, and more!

# Graceful despite their size.

Leonbergers are huge … around 150 pounds or more. But they are no slouch! With amazing speed and elegance, they stride around like knights. In addition, Leonbergers are gifted with refined bone and muscle mass that makes them so fluid.

# Irresistible cuddlers.

Leonbergers love to curl up on laps and generally all over you! They are so cuddly you’ll probably jump on them to cuddle and never let them go. They are great family dogs and like to be around people. 

# Leonberger puppies are too cute to handle.

Puppies are always cute. But Leonberger puppies take it to a whole new level. Scroll down and see, those pictures paint a thousand words.

# Superb swimmers.

Leonbergers have webbed feet which make them excellent swimmers. They are experts in water rescue and recently gaining popularity in the sport of dock diving. The sight of a 100+ pound, lion-like dog jumping off a pier and helicopter is truly unforgettable.

# Enthusiastic Learner.

Large dogs are difficult to supervise, so they need to be trained to socialize. Leonbergers are eager learners and they can be trained very easily. Balancing a champagne glass on their nose is as easy as pie!

# Jumbo Dog, jumbo hairball.


All dogs shed hair. That being said, Leonbergers are huge dogs AND they shed like crazy! Their shedding has spawned industries that make dog haired products. Did you know that there are even competitions to see who can produce the biggest hairballs?

# Biggest Hearts, Deepest Love.

Leonbergers are big, comfy, kind and gentle dogs. They are famous for their deep affection for another. They make excellent therapy dogs and family companions. That is why, whether you’re his owner or not, if you are loved by a Leonberger – you are one of the luckiest people in the world!

For more details about Leonberger, check out Leonberger Club of America website. Still, don’t you think there’s enough here to convince you to get a Leonberger puppy?

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