9 Excellent Habits For Beautiful And Glowing Skin


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A clear and glowing complexion is the secret of all beauties. It’s the basic part of any woman to make her look beautiful and attractive, with or without make-up.

Read on to find out these 9 beauty hacks that will make way for a clear and glowing complexion to make you look and feel your best.

#1 Wipe that mobile screen.

Whatever touches our face is bound to have germs on them. And what touches our face the most is our mobile phone screen. So grab one of those wet wipes containing anti-bacterial ingredients to make sure you don’t end up with an itchy, red rash on your cheeks. Recent research has revealed that the mobile phone screen has up to ten times more germs than a toilet seat. EEEW!

#2 Wash the brushes, sponges and other tools used for make-up.

With usage over time, the brushes, sponges and other tools begin to accumulate dust, dirt and corresponding germs. These can cause pimples and breakouts on your skin. So, make sure you wash your make-up brushes and puffs regularly to make them germ-free. A solution made from water and mild shampoo is the best for washing your make-up tools. Anti-bacterial cleaning wipes can also be used to clean these.

#3 A balanced diet.

What we eat shows on the face. So be careful with your diet. Go for a well-balanced diet instead of the popular ones that focus on only one kind of nutrient. A balanced diet has the right proportion of fats, carbs and proteins to take care of your overall well-being. For a good skin, it’s best to stay away from fatty foods and sugar.

#4 Use face scrub sparingly.

Use face scrub once or two times a week instead of daily. Scrubs can strip your skin of its natural moisture and can cause acne and other inflammation. People with sensitive skin may use an exfoliating lotion instead of a face scrub.

#5 Apply face cream before and after a dip in the pool.

Before going into the pool, apply a moisturizing cream to your face to prevent all that chlorine in the pool from drying your skin. After you’re done with swimming, wash your face thoroughly and apply a coat of moisturizer to prevent your skin from becoming dry and wrinkled.

#6 Post-workout shower.

After a work-out in the gym, you sweat a lot. If you don’t get rid of the sweat instantly, the skin pores will be clogged and you will end up having acne and breakouts. So, do carry a shower gel with you next time you hit the gym.

#7 Read your body signals.

Rash, redness, itchiness and swelling on your face may signal other health problems. So, if you continue to have these problems, consult a physician to find out the root cause.

#8 Very hot showers are a no-no.

Very hot showers remove the natural moisture of your skin as it destroys the layer of lipids that give skin its natural protective coat. Very hot water can result in dry and wrinkled skin. So, make sure the temperature of your shower or bath water is similar to your room temperature.

#9 Keep yourself hydrated.

Drink enough water throughout the day to keep yourself well hydrated. The water in our body helps the skin from drying out and getting wrinkles. Keep your water bottle near your mobile phone as a constant reminder to yourself to take a sip.

For more on keeping your skin glowing and clean, read this. Also, don’t forget to check out 11 Secrets the Beauty Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know.

If you have more tips on getting a beautiful, glowing skin, please share with us in the Comments section below.


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