9 Things You Are Surely To Regret When You Get Older


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Time waits for no one and neither does life. While stuck in this loop, we often miss many important things that may have repercussions in later years. While seemingly insignificant when we’re young, as we grow older and look back, we occasionally regret the choices we make that seemed trivial at the time.

We here at FeedFond have compiled a list of things for you to avoid. You will definitely appreciate the changes in the years to come.

#9 Staying in a destructive relationship

Many people are in a relationship because they are afraid of loneliness. This destructive relationship brings a lot of pain, suffering, and disappointment in later years. It’s better to live your life alone rather than continuing such a relationship.

#8 Spending little time with loved ones

The demands of work and home keep us away from spending precious time with our loved ones. Spending time with your mother may seem like a chore today, but you’re sure to regret it when tragedy befalls. Keep your loved ones close.

#7 Wasting a lot of time

Playing games, watching TV shows and socializing over the internet is perfectly normal, but take care not to spend too much time on those. You can significantly improve your lifestyle if you spend time on useful things.

#6 Leading an unhealthy lifestyle

We tend to give into temptation and pick up bad habits when we are young. It might look okay now, but with time your body will grow old and the consequences of previous bad habits might turn severe.

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#5 Spent little time traveling

Everyone loves traveling. The adventure and thrill of exploring different countries and cultures are exciting to many. However, with our busy schedule, we push back our plans or look for a comfortable way to travel. Yet, traveling with comfort is not a necessity, and the number of urgent things to do will not end. So, travel more.

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#4 Worked too much

You should always learn to separate work and life. Remember, the work you do is important but spending time with your friends and family and relaxing is important too!

#3 Stopped learning new things

Just because you have gotten a degree, it doesn’t mean it’ll last you your entire professional career. Constant development in the world requires various skills and it’ll boost your growth if you have those. It’ll also install self-confidence and make you an interesting person to others.

#2 Doing a job you hate

Unwillingness to leave our comfort zone is one of the primary reasons why many continue to work in a place they hate. Get over such insecurities and risk a change or you’ll fade away doing something you hate.

#1 Took little action to fulfill your dreams

It’s not easy making dreams come true. The bigger your dream, the harder you have to work. Your dreams will remain a fantasy if you keep on waiting for the perfect chance.

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