15 Important Things Our Dogs Wish We Knew

The movie, A Dog’s Purpose, reveals some of the biggest things our dogs wish we know about them… after all, the entire movie IS from a dog’s point of view.

Whether you currently own a dog, or had one growing up, we could always stand to know more about our furry friends. Could you tell when Sparky is truly under the weather? Or what his tail wag really means? Well, here are 15 tips to help you build a deeper, more connected relationship – from your dog’s perspective:

#1 Do you think you own dogs? Think again!

For starters, all dog owners know how much our dogs crave for attention and physical closeness. That’s because our dogs think they own us – not the other way around.

#2 Found your house in a mess? Do you wonder why?

Overturned trashcans. Torn pillows. Dog toys scattered around the house. Sometimes we leave our canine friend to their own devices, only to find the house in a complete mess.
Understandably, our dogs wish they weren’t alone for so long. This kind of behavior is a classic sign that they need the time out of the house to get some exercise as much as we do. That’s the second important thing dogs wish their owners knew.

#3 Dogs get lonely too!

Another fact that dogs wish we knew about them is that they get lonely too and are afraid of being abandoned. So when we step out of the house, our dogs get anxious and indulge in behavior that is normal for them but destructive to us.

#4 Your dog giving you a blank look?

Having a short-term memory is another important trait of dogs they wish their human friends would know and understand.
If a dog has been up to some mischief, it needs to be addressed right away, not saved for later. So, for instance, if we come home to find our dog having torn a pillow, it would be no use scolding it as it cannot relate to the reason why it’s being shouted at.

#5 Learn some dog language!

Have you ever gone to a country where no one understood English and you had to use awkward body language to communicate? The same thing goes for dogs.
They “understand” sounds but not really a speech. So it’s better to use nonverbal cues combined with words the next time you try to make your dog understand your command better.

#6 Learn to listen better!

Dogs understand our tone of voice really well. When we praise them for fetching, they know we’re happy in the same way they do when we are mad at them for having dug up the garden. Maybe we should pay more attention to the tone of voice we use with dogs for better communication.

#7 Don’t go overboard with the grooming!

We tend to treat dogs like human babies and sometimes go the extra mile of putting clothes and other accessories on them.
It’s important to understand that a dog, at the end of the day, is a dog and that they should be allowed to do doggy stuff like sniffing, exploring, and moving around freely without clothes.

#8 Shuffle the schedule!

While it is nice to have scheduled walks and mealtimes for our dog, it can get boring at times. Imagine having the same routine every single day of our lives. So, it’s okay to shake things up once in a while so that our best friend enjoys some changes in their routine.

#9 They can read our heart and mind!

How we feel reflects the way our dog feels and behaves. When we’re sad or anxious, our dogs feel the same. Another important fact about dogs they wish we knew.

#10 All barks don’t mean bites!

Sometimes we don’t understand the meaning of a dog’s bark. While it may sound aggressive, the dog may actually be scared. Spending time with our dogs can help us learn the difference in the tone of their bark.

#11 Read the signs!

Dogs cannot express clearly if they aren’t feeling well. The responsibility lies on us to take them to the vet regularly even if they seem unwilling to be dragged there.

#12 What does a tail wag mean?

Tail wagging of dogs does not always mean they are happy to see humans. Some wagging, for example, a high slow wag, can signal aggressive behavior so, it’s best not to approach an unfamiliar dog until one is sure of the signal it’s sending. For more visit this website.

#13 Tail-tell Signs

The tail is a sign of a dog’s physical well-being. If the tail has lost hair and looks limp, it’s time to take the dog for a health check.

#14 All dogs are not created equal!

Just like humans, different dogs have different personalities. We need to understand that and let them be if they are not too keen on meeting someone new.

#15 TLC is all they need!

Dogs want to spend as much time as they can with their owners. They rarely live beyond 13 years and we should make an effort to give them all the company and love that they crave from us. This is probably the most important thing dogs wish their human friends knew.

The way our relationship with our furry friends work is analogous to our human relationship – one based on mutual understanding and respect. We should try to understand what goes on in a dog’s mind and read the tell-tale physical signs for a more rewarding and loving relationship with our dogs.

Hope the tips and tricks shared here will pave the way for a better canine adventure!

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