9 Daily Actions That Have the Power to Influence Our Brains

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The human brain is the organ that serves as the epicenter of our nervous system—it’s the control center of our bodies and remains one of the most mysterious human organs.

With the age of modern anatomy, many scientists have dedicated their lives to researching the human brain, yet it continues to surprise. It’s a giant treasure trove of secrets.

Here are a few discoveries that scientists found in the past few years. They are guaranteed to surprise you!

#9 Chronic lack of sleep affects long-term memory

Did you know that regular lack of sleep can have negative effects on your memory? It can even cause Alzheimer’s Disease! Scientists from the University of California, Berkeley have proof to support this theory. A full night’s sleep enables the brain to remove all the dangerous toxic compounds in our brain.

#8 Prolonged stress destroys the brain

A victim of chronic stress will feel irritation, anxiety, tension, and become easily distracted.In addition, they will also have a short memory, trouble grasping new concepts and difficulty with self-control.

#7 Love and hate have a lot in common

British scientists have made an interesting discovery: the emotions of love and hate originate in the same part of the brain. However, love makes the areas responsible for judgment and logical thinking inept. If you want to know more – click here.

#6 The brain is sensitive to dehydration

Not only our bodies need water—our brain does too. In fact, almost 80% of our brain consists of water. Even a loss of fluid as low as 2% can lead to deterioration of short-term memory and other cognitive abilities.

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#5 Pregnancy changes the structure of the brain

Pregnancy reduces the amount of gray matter in the brain. The gray matter is responsible for social cognition and the ability to understand people. Scientists have proven that the decrease of the gray matter is necessary to strengthen the mother-baby connection and it, in turn, develops ‘maternal instincts’.

#4 Excess sugar in diet reduces the ability to learn

Scientists have proven that sugar used in soft drinks, seasonings, sauces and baby food contains fructose—it reduces the ability of the brain to learn, remember and concentrate. Sugar slows down the brain’s activity and destroys its neural connections. However, products that have omega-3 fatty acids have the ability to rebuild the disorder.

#3 Romantic love and maternal feelings are similar

This may sound unbelievable, but believe it or not, romantic relationships and maternal feelings look quite similar in terms of our brain activity. Some of the differences that stand out and differentiate the two are: passionate love activates the sexual arousal part of the brain—at that moment the feeling of anxiety and fear lowers and euphoria increases rapidly. However, maternal love activates the areas of the brain responsible for affection and care.

#2 Painting improves the brain’s ability to function

A recent study showed that painting and reflection on works of art improve the interaction between different areas of the brain. It also slows brain aging. The study was conducted on people aged 62-70, with half of them taking a course in art history and the others in painting. People in the painting class scored a higher result than that of art history.

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#1 Reading perfectly trains the brain

Scientists from Oxford have proven that the reading process trains the cognitive abilities of the brain. When reading, blood enters the brain areas responsible for concentration and cognition. This doesn’t happen when we are watching TV or playing computer games.

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