Alien Theory Explains the Difference in People with RH Negative Blood

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Background on blood types

The four common blood types that we know all about are A, B, AB, and O. These are derived from proteins found on the surface of our cells. The function of these proteins is to protect our body from various viruses and bacteria. The only exception is the RH negative blood type, which is not derived from the proteins found on the cells.

RH negative blood type


People with RH negative blood lack the proteins found in people with RH positive blood. It is believed that only 15% of the world human population has RH negative blood type, of which most are found in northern Europe. The highest percentage of people with RH negative blood type are the Basque people of France and Spain. 30% have RH negative blood type while 60% of them carry one negative gene.  

Physical and mental differences

Scientific studies suggest that people with RH negative blood originate from Mars, Venus, or other parts of the universe. They are quite different in terms of their personality, as well as in terms of physical characteristics. For example, orange hair, blue eyes, sensitivity to high temperatures, and cool body temperatures.

An extreme example of a physical difference among people with RH negative blood type is that women with such a blood type who is pregnant with a child with RH positive blood type find it extremely difficult to give birth. They feel that their body is trying to kill the baby inside them.

In addition, while people with RH positive blood type can receive blood transfusions from RH-negative people, the case is always the opposite when it comes to RH negative blood type. People with RH negative blood type are also more sensitive in terms of mental and psychological faculties.

Origin of the alien theory

Ancient Sumerians believed that there was a more advanced species from the universe — the Annunaki—who came to the earth to form communities. Apparently, the Annunaki genetically modified the human beings to create a more powerful and advanced species that were used as slaves.

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