Top 21 Amazing Facts about the Human Body That We Never Knew

The human body is amazing. Just when we think we know all that there is to know, we’re amazed when we discover just how complex, intricate, and mysterious our bodies truly are.  Only then do we realize what a complex mechanism is involved to make this machine run without a hitch. There are many parts of the human anatomy that still remain a subject of mystery to doctors and scientists alike.

Scroll down to read about the top 21 amazing facts about the human body.

#1 The tongue.

The tongue is a unique part of us and much like our fingerprints, our tongue print is unique. Did you know that?

#2 Healthy Hair.

A single strand of hair can stand the weight of a single average sized apple.

#3 The mouth.

There are more bacteria in our mouth than the population of the entire earth!

#4 A nail-biting fact.

Nails indicate some important health conditions. For example, an overactive thyroid can be identified through nails that break easily and have no moon.

#5 The brain impulse.

Moving at speeds greater than a bullet train, a brain impulse travels 400km/h.

#6 Blood types.

There are more than just the 4 blood types we know of. In fact, there are 29, the rarest among these belonging to a family in Japan.

#7 Running in the blood.

Blood travels the distance of over 10,000 miles throughout our body, over the course of just one day!

#8 You have the nerves.

The total length of all the nerves in our body is over 50 miles.

# 9 Every breath you take.

We take approximately 20,000 breaths every day.

#10 Eyelashes.

Almost all people have tiny mites on their eyelashes called demodex.

#11 The eye in the sky.

Our eyes can detect millions of colors but our brain can’t remember them.

#12 The ear.

The human ear grows at a rate of 1/4mm per year and this lasts throughout our lives.

#13 The heart.

Our heart beats 35 million times each year! Don’t try to count!

#14 Shedding skin

We lose 2 pounds of skin annually. That means a million skin cells every single day!

#15 Skin sensors

There are approximately a hundred skin sensors within an area of just 1 square centimeter of the skin.

#16 Male and female tongue.

Men have fewer taste buds than women. No wonder some women are more sensitive to taste.

#17 Tons of food

35 tons of food are consumed by an average person throughout their lifetime.

#18 Blink blink!

Do you even notice when you blink? Well, the truth is you blink for about five years of your life. Isn’t that a cool fact?

#19 Another brain fact.

There are about a 100,000 chemical functions that take place in our brain EVERY SECOND!

#20 Sneeze Speed.

When we sneeze, we let it out at 150km/h!

#21 It’s harder to cry than laugh.

A smile uses only 17 facial muscles while crying triggers 43. So more reasons to give that winning smile!

Do you know of any more amazing human body facts? Share with us in the Comments section below!


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