10 Brilliantly Designed Houses Tucked Away From Sight


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From time to time, we all need a place to get away for a “time out”.  An escape from the day-to-day grind for some alone time where we find a quiet, peaceful place.

Close your eyes and picture a place.

Now open them and take a look at these beautiful houses. Do any of them match with your imagined palace of solitude?

#10 Dugout house in Texas, USA


This house is dug deep and embedded 6.5 feet (about 2 meters) into the ground. From the outside, it looks like a dugout. Nevertheless, surprisingly, it has everything for a comfortable life, including a small pool in the backyard! See details here.

#9 Bungalow under pine trees in British Columbia, Canada


The house’s unusual planning and the green moss planted on the rooftop helps it blend in completely with the landscape. See more detailed interior pictures here.

#8 Houses on top of a shopping mall in Hunan, China


In a city of 4 million people, locating the square footage required for a house can be a bit difficult. That’s why these houses are built on top of a shopping mall. More details here.

#7 Canyon mansion in Utah, USA


In 1986, a married couple wanted to live far away from busy cities. This is their dream house. See the interior pictures of this bizarre house here.

#6 Villa Vals in Vals, Switzerland


When local authorities denied permission to erect a high building (stating that it would spoil the surrounding landscape) this architect got creative and built this house in a cave. Booking prices and other details can be found here.

#5 Cliff house in Coquimbo, Chile


This house built over a cliff has two levels, one of which is below ground. More information here.

Genius Architect Designs Beautiful Desert Home Using Shipping Containers

#4 Lake Chalet in Hordaland, Norway


This oddly shaped house was designed with one main goal—full integration with the landscape. In this house, you won’t be needing any heating. We think the architect did a superb job! What do you think? Check out more details here.

#3 Desert oasis in California, USA


From afar, this house resembles a heap of dead leaves or a bunch of flat-headed mushrooms—you pick. It’s located in the Californian desert. More images here.

#2 The Mirrorcube hotel in Lapland, Sweden


One of the most bizarre houses ever built, this house has its outer walls coated with a layer of infrared film. This is done so that birds can recognize it as an obstacle. See room prices and other details here.

#1 Penthouse in a rock in Beirut, Lebanon


Despite its mind-blowing design, no one believed in the idea of a house built into a rock. This project took the concept of ‘house on the cliffs’ to an entirely new level. However, a Lebanese real-estate agency took on the project. More details here.

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