10 Things You May Not Know About America’s Sweetheart


Golden Retrievers haven’t earned the nickname of being America’s Sweetheart for nothing. If you’ve ever seen one, you know that this adorable breed can melt your heart at the first glance. Besides being beautiful, it’s their calm, gentle, caring demeanor that defines them.

A Golden Retriever makes a very good family dog because they are completely devoted to their masters, offering a calm, supportive presence that has earned them a reputation for being guide dogs and ideal for homes with small children.

Here are ten lesser known facts about the Golden Retriever. So read on and enjoy!

#1 The Advent

Lord Tweedmouth of Inverness, Scotland bought a yellow retriever way back in 1874 and named him Nous. Nous was bred with a liver-colored Tweed Water Spaniel called Belle, giving birth to the first ever Golden Retriever.

#2 Agility

Golden Retrievers are naturally energetic and welcome ways to channel this energy. They love to play fetch, go for a run, hike, and swim. They are great athletes and belong to the Sporting Group which means that they need regular exercise to keep them busy and in shape. So, make sure your sweetheart gets plenty of things to do!

#3 Goofy looks can be deceiving.

These hard workers sometimes look at you with a goofy, dopey look. But behind this facade lies their intelligence and ability to learn quickly. Thus, these qualities have earned them such serious positions that help save human lives.

#4 Keep a Golden Retriever to Keep Calm.

Golden Retrievers are used widely as therapy dogs and guide dogs for the elderly, children and even patients of Alzheimer’s Disease. The calm demeanor of this breed of dogs transcends to their human companions and helps them in times of crises. They help to reduce stress of travelers and are used in some airports.

#5 Golden Years

The golden years for the Golden Retrievers tend to arrive late. They tend to mature later than other dogs. That means you can enjoy an extra dose of goofiness and activities.

#6 Foodies.

The Golden Retrievers are foodies and will chomp on anything from real food to toys and crayons. So be careful before you dole out an additional portion or a treat. It’s better to keep the diet of this dog breed within limits to keep them from being overweight.

#7 A Big Mouth.

No they don’t talk too much. Golden Retrievers have a mouth bigger in size so they have the tendency to carry around something in their mouths. Be it a stick, a ball or even a toy. They NEED to have something to occupy that extra space.

#8 Pillow-soft.

The mouth of the Golden Retriever is so soft that they have been known to carry raw eggs without breaking them. No wonder they were used for hunting as their soft mouth did not damage the game they picked up at the hunting ground.

#9 Ace sports dogs.

In the National Obedience Championship event, the top three winners have all been Golden Retrievers. Their alacrity and energy left the rest of the dogs behind.

#10 The Topper.

The Golden Retriever has been among the top 10 most popular dog breeds in the USA for decades. Their current position is at #3.

Are you the owner of a Golden Retriever? Care to add more to the list? Please share your thoughts in the Comments section below!

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