New Law Will Register Animal Abusers Like Sex Offenders

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Animal abuse is no small matter, and thankfully, it’s being treated as the crime that it is. Whether it’s abuse or neglect, animals under our care deserve to be fed, loved, and cared for.

The people are taking the issue of animal abuse very seriously, now more than ever. Due to growing popularity, a number of United States jurisdictions have enacted a registry stating the names of animal abusers. Animal-abusers will have their names published on a public website that is accessible throughout the country. It’s similar to the online sex offender registry enacted in the 1990s.


With these registries in place, the shelters and pet stores will be able to screen people before employing them. You can even check the registry before you appoint a pet-sitter.

The act will protect not only the helpless animals but also people in danger from these abusers. Studies have shown that almost every serial killer starts off with torturing animals. Another study revealed that animal abuse was present in 88% of homes with domestic violence and 83% of women taking shelter from domestic violence reported that their abusers are cruel to their pet. Surprised by the correlation? 


Currently, Tennessee is the only state that registers animal offenders. But Suffolk County, New York, and Cook Country maintain a local level registry.

In short, every animal abuser will have their name, date of birth, offense, conviction date, and expiration date listed in the registry. First timers will get 2 years. But for every future offense, 5 more years will be added.  (Source)


Like me, if you consider your pet a part of your family, then this will change the social and cultural perspective on how we treat animals. They would be individuals rather than just ‘property’.

How do you feel about the new act?


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