Top 10 Animals About To Drop The Hottest Albums Of The Year


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The Beatles. The Eagles. Lil Bow Wow. Snoop Dogg. Of course, we’re referring to the wildly popular bands and musicians, but when you scroll down, you’ll see that we COULD be talking about the newest animal bands.

These album-cover worthy pics of farm animals, penguins, and mandrills posing for the camera would have you swear that it was planned for an upcoming music album.

Scroll down to look at the hottest album covers by your furry friends!

#10 The Mixed Band of Brothers

The Up-and-coming Music Legends


#9 We’re rappers from d ’90s!

They Look Like They Are Posing For A 90s Rap Album Cover


#8 The Ice-Cool Indie Rockers

These Cows Look Like They're About To Drop The Hottest Indie Rock Album Of The Year


#7 “We do black metal. How about you?”

Norwegian Black Metal Puppies


#6 “We’re the meow-woof R&B band.”

The Meow-tang Clan Pose For Their Debut Rap Album


#5 Selfie of the Soul Searchers. 

The Band With The Twin Guitarists


#4 The Backstreet Owls

The Pop Trio Owls


#3 The Mandrill Mamma

This Mandrill Looks Like It's About To Drop The Hottest Mixtape Of The Year


#2 Soul II Soul

This Dog And Owl Dropping Their New Album


#1 The Electro-Punk Penguins

The Electronic Rock Penguins


Have any furry album cover images to share with us? Use the Comments section below!

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