35+ Priceless Expressions Of Animals Experiencing Snow For The First Time


Experiencing anything for the first time can be a thrill and if it is white flakes of snow, I am sure the adrenaline rush would be a bit higher. I mean just imagine white blankets all around.

Now, what really happens when animals experience snow for the first time? While some of them may be twice as thrilled as us, others may find it utterly disgusting, scary or plain alien.

Some people decided to capture the expressions on animal faces whilst they experienced snow for the first time. The result? Well, see for yourself. And do let us know which ones absolutely struck you in the heart or had you rolling on the floor with tears.

# A Baby Polar Bear 

# Persian Cat (Who does not seem to enjoy the cold)

# First Snow For This Sweet Little Girl

# Kiora’s First Snow Day

# Perfectly Timed Shot For Bruno’s First Snowball. He Loves Ice Cubes So This Was Heaven

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# Jonesy’s First Snow

# The Running Pup

#  Her First Swedish Winter Came As Quite The Surprise

# I Don’t Think He Likes That Whole Winter Idea

# Flour Experienced Snow For The First Time Today. She Is Not Impressed

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