10 Ideas to Have a Memorable Anniversary Celebrations

Anniversary Celebrations

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Time just whizzes by when you are in the company of the person you love. One of the most memorable events in a loving relationship is celebrating the anniversaries.

This is where many of you are faced with a dilemma, not being able to come up with new and fun ideas on how to celebrate it. Not to mention if you are on a budget then the ideas get limited.

Being able to come up with something that you haven’t attempted before and keeping it within your budget is a task that many of you are dreading to face.

Fear not, here are 10 ideas to have an anniversary that will sure to sweep your partner off their feet.

1. Plan a Vacation

Taking a vacation together to celebrate your anniversary is one of the most popular options. Taking a few days off from the hustle and bustle of your daily life and heading out with your loved one is a fun and romantic way to make your anniversary memorable.

Taking a vacation allows you and your loved one to escape your responsibilities and daily stress and head for a few days of relaxation and fun.

Revisit your honeymoon destination to relive some wonderful memories or go to some place you haven’t been before and make new memories to cherish.

2. Take a Day Tour

On many occasions, it isn’t possible for most of you to take a few days off for an actual vacation. In such cases, you can take a day off instead and visit someplace nearby on your anniversary.

This allows beating the costs of an actual vacation and still having a full day of fun and being able to make cherishable memories.

Look up resorts and holiday destinations that are 1 to 3 hours’ drive away. This way you can return the very same day and be able to have a fun day away at the fraction of the cost. 

3. Recreate your First Date

Reliving the first date that you both went on is a romantic and wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary.

It might not be possible to go to the exact same location or do the very same activities, but you can try and recreate the events as accurately as possible.

This will not only rekindle the sweet memories but also take you back to the day when it all started. Usually, first dates are inexpensive so you won’t have to spend a lot of money to recreate the day.

4. Host a Dinner Party for Near Ones

Hosting a small dinner party for your close friends is also a wonderful way of making your anniversary memorable. Invite up to 20 of your closest friends and let them know that you are celebrating a special day.

Send out invitations and host at home and cook a few of the items served at your wedding dinner. Brainstorm together and choose recipes, go out shopping for the ingredients together and finally try cooking the dinner together.

This will be an excellent way to make your anniversary memorable.

5. Go Out on a Picnic

Nothing beats packing some food and heading outdoors in splendid weather with the one you love or a day out in the sunshine.

You can pack some food that you both like, pick a nearby scenic location, and bring some drinks and a blanket and also a wireless music system to play your favorite tunes.

Spending the day away amidst nature in each other’s each warm embrace can be an excellent memory of an anniversary day.

6. Taking a Boat Ride

Taking a boat ride with your loved one is an excellent way of celebrating your anniversary, especially if your partner likes water. There are many companies offering a river or ferry tour, while also providing food and drinks.

This will be a fun way to discover some new parts of the city you live in. if you want more physical activities involved than you can go for canoeing or peddling in a local lake nearby.

7. Go to a Concert

If your partner loves music then buy tickets to a music concert nearby on the day of your anniversary. You can also gift her tickets to the concert of her favorite band.

Enjoying live music together is always fun and an easy way to make your day memorable.

8. Buying a Special Gift

There is nothing like a personalized gift to your loved one to make the anniversary memorable. There are many modern anniversary gifts for each year anniversary. So you can get something associated with that theme on the particular year.

Think of a different gift every year. Suppose, you gifted your partner a ring on your seventh anniversary, then brainstorm for your 8th anniversary gift ideas. Switch from regular jewelry to customized pendants. It’ll be more appreciated. 

You can also get crafty and make something thoughtful on your own. A personalized gift is something your loved one is bound to love.

Putting together a photo album or a scrapbook filled with memories of the yesteryears is a very thoughtful and loving gift.

9. Make a Mixed Tape

There are some songs that have special meaning in both your lives. These songs might be reminiscent of some loving and memorable incident in your lives. Make a CD of these songs and gift it to your loved one.

You can both go someplace special and listen to the songs and reminisce about those memories. This may be old-school, but still, a very relaxing and loving way to celebrate your anniversary.

Dancing to those tunes at home will surely add to the romanticism of the day.

10. Watch your Wedding Video

The wedding day is surely one of the most special and memorable days for a couple. So what better day than your anniversary to sit and watch the video of your wedding together.

This way you can relive those memories and have fun looking back at how you were years back.

Same can be done with photo albums of your wedding. Sit and watch the photos together and go back to the golden days for a few moments. 


An anniversary is a special day. So spend it together by taking the day off from work and postponing all other events on your schedule for later. Spend some quality time and enjoy each other’s company.

Cut yourself off from the worries of the world and just be with each other and relive the memories of yesteryear and make new memories on your special day.    


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