Anonymous Hero Saves A Bunny From Wildfire And Vanishes Into Darkness


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The Thomas Fire has been spreading through the southern California region burning over 230,000 acres and becoming the fifth largest wildfire in modern California history. Over 88,000 residents left the area as the fire spread through Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

But what about the wildlife? Did anyone stop to think what happened to the animals living in the forests?

Readers, you will happy to know that there are still people in this world who cares about innocent animals.

Between the highway and the flames near La Conchita, Ventura County a wild rabbit was trapped. After seeing the frightened animal, an unidentified man pulled over and braved the flames to save the animal. A lucky photographer captured this heroic rescue giving hope to the world. 

The distressed rabbit was looking for a way out. As it darted into the flames, the man battled his emotions and went all-in in the face to total destruction wearing just a pair of shorts and a hoodie. After a few stumbles, the bunny was safely resting in his arms. Both them are alright. Thank heavens!

The man declined a request for an interview and decided to remain anonymous. Well, it didn’t help much, as people already added him to the hero list claiming that he successfully restored everyone’s faith in humanity.

This unnamed individual proves once again that you don’t need a cape and mystic powers to be a superhero.

See the rescue video here:

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His anonymity only made him more famous over the net

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