Meet The Guy Who Keeps Photoshopping Himself Into Celebrities’ Lives!

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Celebrities live in a separate world of their own and most aren’t known to hang out with ‘average’ people.

Meet – Robert Van Impe, aka Average Rob – the only ‘average’ guy Celebrities make an exception for. Although his name is average, the Belgian is anything but average at Photoshop!

This ‘mediocre dude’ is an exceptional digital artist and comedian, holds a Master’s degree in Advertising and Marketing from Coventry University and works as a journalist for Belgian comedy magazine Humo.

His motto is “Through my photoshops I want to make people smile more. Hope it works!”  and trust us, it really does!

His hilarious ‘encounters’ with celebrities over the internet looks so convincing that seems real! His encounters include falling asleep next to famous people and Barack Obama’s secret BFF and it will have you rolling on the floor, laughing!

Take a look at some of these ‘average’ pictures taken from his Instagram feed and don’t forget to vote for the best ones!











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