20 Awesome Handy Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life


FeedFond is always on the lookout for ways to simplify your life. We hope that by implementing these hacks, your daily life will become much easier.

Learn tricks on how to quickly dry your clothes, make your shoes waterproof, etc.

#1 Grow roses from cuttings


Easily grow roses by pushing the bottom ends of cuttings into small potatoes. The nutrients and moisture inside a potato will allow the cutting to develop healthy roots. Learn more here.

#2 Waterproof shoes


Easily make your canvas shoes waterproof by spreading beeswax onto your shoes and blow-drying them until it melts and spreads.

#3 Dry clothes faster


Place wet clothes inside a dry towel. Then roll it and squeeze until the excess water falls off. Hang them out to dry. You’ll notice that your clothes dry faster.

#4 Get rid of smells in your shoes


Just place a few teabags inside your shoes to get rid of unwanted smells. If it’s wet, place a mixture of rice and baking soda inside the shoes until it becomes dry.

#5 Loosen tight shoes


New shoes always feel tight. Tightly stuff them will wet newspapers and keep them there until the shoes dry out. Then simply remove the newspapers.

#6 Easily start a fire


Potato chips contain fat oil and other flavors; most of all, they are perfect pre-fire starting material.

#7 Find small lost items


Use a vacuum cleaner to find small lost items such as earrings and screws. Simply cover the pipe with a stocking or pantyhose and turn on the cleaner to start your search.

#8 Time-marked water bottle


Keep a tally of your daily water intake by drawing lines on your bottle with a marker pen. You can also write time and do similar customizations like the picture above. No more missing your daily water intake!

#9 Remove toilet bowl stains


Pour a can of Coca-cola (350 ml) into the toilet bowl and keep it overnight. In the morning, a simple clean with soapy water and a flush will make it sparkly!

#10 Unclog drains easily


Clogged drains can be really annoying! To unclog them, run hot water down the drain for a minute. Then sprinkle a cup of baking soda. Following the soda, slowly pour a cup of vinegar into the drain. Flush it once more with hot or boiling water.

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#11 Clean the shower head


Clean shower heads and bathroom faucets by putting them in a plastic bag and pouring white vinegar inside it. Secure the bag with a rubber band and keep it overnight. In the following morning, it’ll be good as new!

#12 Keep buttons from falling off


Secure buttons by painting a little bit of clear nail polish over the threads.

#13 Remove body odor naturally


If you’ve forgotten your deodorant, cut open a fresh lemon or orange in two and rub the halves onto your skin. The unwanted odors will simply vanish!

#14 Amplify your phone speakers


Put your phone inside a drinking glass with the speaker side down. Viola! Instant loudspeakers!

#15 Make ice last longer


Simply sprinkle salt on the inside of your cooler ice to make them last longer.

#16 Natural Mouthwash


Chew on an apple to get rid of your bad breath in a pinch!

#17 Citrus candles


Make your home smell good for hours by lighting a lemon or orange candle. You can make one at home easily. Learn more here.

#18 Open a stuck lid


Jar lids can be stubborn and hard to open. Simply run it under hot water for a minute, wipe it down and try again. Soaking the jar lid in hot water also works. Jar lids can also be opened with duct tape.

#19 Keep pots from boiling over


To keep your pot from boiling over simply put a wooden spoon over across the pot. When the pot boils too high, the wooden spoon will pop the bubbles and keep it from overflowing.

#20 Open a SIM card tray


If you don’t have a SIM card tray ejector tool around then use a small paper clip and push the SIM tray open.

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