Meet ‘Azuki’ – The Most Adventurous Hedgehog From Japan!

Azuki is probably the cutest hedgehog you’ll ever meet! Everything is cute about him – his nose, ears, even his roundness! He is liked by people all over the world and has over 240k followers on Instagram. Azuki is the most famous hedgehog in Japan – if not the world. He likes massages, warm baths and most of all – apples!

Although hedgehogs are indoorsy, Azuki is different. He took a trip to the great outdoors with his recently bought miniature Coleman camping gear. He had his own tent, kayak, and barbecue. It’s safe to say that he had the time of his life!

We here at FeedFond have managed to get our hands on some of Azuki’s best moments from his trip. Just looking at his photos will make us want to get your camp on. It also really really makes us want a hedgehog right now!

What about you?

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