25 Tips to Have a Fun and Safe Beach Trip with your Baby

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A beach trip doesn’t always mean a whole day out on the beach with your little munchkin. It all depends on your baby’s mood.

Sorry to break it out to you, honey, but a beach day is not a vacation for you. You’ll have to attend to your baby’s needs throughout the day.

With your kiddo running around everywhere, you have to ensure it is safe as well as fun. Otherwise, the fun day you have planned may not turn out the way you expected.

We have listed 25 tips for a fun and safe beach trip with your little one. 

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1. Use Sunscreen. Generously

If you don’t want your little one to turn into a cherry tomato, then please go big on applying sunscreen and make sure they wear a hat.

It is safe to use sunscreen on babies who are six months and older. Apply before you leave home and reapply if the baby gets into the water. Just make sure to keep your baby protected from the sun at all times. 

2. Take a Big Blanket with You

Babies crawl everywhere! Give your little one some space to move around and have fun. Pack a big beach blanket so that you all get some room to move freely. 

3. Go After Sunrise or Before Sunset

The sun is the brightest during the middle of the day. In order to enjoy the beautiful weather without the intense heat, go to the beach early in the morning or later in the afternoon. On top of that, the beach will be less crowded during those times. 

4. For The Love of God, Take Pictures!!

Do not be one of those moms who doesn’t take pictures. Click as many photos as possible. Document every moment and share the memories.

You’ll be surprised to see your baby’s reactions to new things and you’ll want to look back at these pictures and relive these moments when they grow up. 

5. Carry Food

Babies need to be fed every two hours. If you are planning a long day at the beach, pump up milk and bottle it for the baby.

Opt for easy to eat foods like a puree and refreshing juices if your baby is more than six months old. Don’t forget to pack snacks for yourself. A healthy mommy leads to a healthy baby. So take care of yourself, little mama!

6. Bright and Comfy Clothes

Beaches can be extremely hot and crowded. With your baby bunny jumping and running around on the beach, getting out of your sight means a mini heart attack for you.

Dress the bunbun in bright colors so that she is easy to spot. Also, dress her in comfy clothes because the heat can be unbearable at times. You should wear something colorful too so that they can find their mommy easily. 

7. Avoid Layered Clothing

Beach days mean running around and attending to your kid the entire time that you will be there. So, don’t wear clothes that are difficult to wear or breastfeed in.

I would suggest carrying a sarong or nursing cover if you feel uncomfortable about breastfeeding in public. 

8. Always Carry a Beach Umbrella

Regardless of the weather, make sure you carry an umbrella. The sun can be brighter than your little one’s face at times. So, keep her under the shade and away from the burning heat.

You can also carry a mini inflatable pool. You can put some rocks and shells inside the pool to give that beach vibe. You can also carry a baby beach tent for more convenience. 

9. Bring Wet Towels and Wipes

With your baby rolling in the sand, you have to make sure to pack wet towels to wipe him off. Bring a few sets just to be on the safe side. Make sure to wipe your baby from time to time just to keep him clean. 

10. Keep Dry Towels in the Car

Beaches mean getting wet and sandy. After a nice day on the beach, wrap your baby with a dry towel in the car so that the journey back home is comfortable. Put the towel over the seat of your car so that absorbs water if your baby is still wet. 

11. Keep Water Spray

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to ensure that your baby is not dehydrated when you go out in the sun.

Keep a cold water spray bottle with you to keep your baby cool when he looks drained out. Add some ice to the water so it remains cold. 

12. Carry a Stroller

Going to the beach means having to carry tons of things like an umbrella, water bottles, beach bags, etc. It is easier to carry all those together in a stroller and heads towards the beach. Oh and instead of pushing the stroller forward, try dragging it backward in the sand. It requires less force. 

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13. Don’t Buy Expensive Toys

Chances are that you will come home losing all of the toys in the sand. So, there is no need to buy expensive toys for a beach day.

Just carry a bucket and shovel so that you can build a castle with your little prince and princess. You can take some bath toys with you as well for your baby to play with. 

14. Bring Frozen Water Bottles

This works both ways. You can keep them with your drinks and other food to keep them cold and you will have a refreshing drink as the ice melts. Oh and don’t forget to bring baby’s sippy cup. Stay hydrated, moms! 

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15. Make a Hole in the Sand

Make a small shallow pit in the sand to keep all the little things so they don’t get lost. Ask your baby to help you dig a hole. Your munchkin will love it. Have some fun with the sand! 

16. Carry a Small Portable Fan

As I have said it a hundred times, beach trips mean staying in the sun for hours. Carry that small battery charged fans with you if possible. Your baby may need a break from the heat. 

17. Use Baby Powder to Take Sand Off

Your baby can get rashes if they play in the sand for too long. Carry baby powder with you and pour it over your baby to remove sand easily. You can also use corn-starch. It dries off the water and you can just brush off the sand from your baby’s body. 

18. Pack Some Extra Set of Clothes

The first rule of going out with a baby means packing extra clothes. Not only for the baby but for you too. Beach trips mean getting wet in the water, so make sure to take a few more than usual (just in case)! 

19. Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Sunburns

Sunburn is something you can’t entirely avoid regardless of how much sunscreen you use. Just pour in a little bit of apple cider vinegar during your cutie’s bath to relieve the sunburn. 

20. Bring Swimming Diapers

Yeah, swim diapers are a thing. Buy some for your baby’s experience at the beach. It’s a hassle to change diapers every now and then. Try it and you’ll thank me later! 

21. Hats! Don’t Forget The Hat

Hats are a MUST for any beach day with your little one. It saves them from the scorching heat of the sunlight. Hats will also look cute and adorable on your little ball of sunshine. Don’t forget to take pictures! 

22. Use a Laundry Basket as a Bassinet

If you have a big enough laundry basket to accommodate your little baby, then use it as a bassinet.
They can nap inside while staying away from the sun. Don’t forget to put towels or something soft underneath so your baby is comfortable.

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23. Let Your Baby ‘Feel’

The best part about the beach is the feeling when the waves slowly wash away the wet sand under your feet. Let your baby feel that.

These little sweet experiences will create memories for both of you to cherish. If your baby is more than a year old, encourage them to pick up and admire the seashells. Make sure you never let your baby go near the water alone or get out of your sight. Safety first! 

24.Carry a Reusable Plastic Bag

Throw your baby’s used nappies and other disposables in a reusable plastic bag. You can also carry a few extra garbage bags to carry the wet clothes back home. Obviously, you wouldn’t want sand on your fresh, dry clothes!

25. Plan Short Trips

A baby’s schedule can be easily disturbed.  So, it’s better to keep your trips short. When your baby gets cranky or irritated, it’s better to run home. 


A day by the beach with your baby is great for relationship building. Make the most of it. Expose them to nature and see the happiness in their eyes when they experience all these new things. Go, plan a beach day out, mommy!

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