Meet The Rare Creature People Are Calling “The Most Beautiful Horse In The World”

The world is full of amazing, beautiful animals. When you think about it, without these animals, natural beauty would be incomplete.

Meet one such animal from Turkmenistan. It’s a rare breed of horse called “Akhal-Teke”. They are covered in a breathtakingly-beautiful coat, unlike anything you’ve seen before!

All horses are majestic, but this breed stands out from the rest. Their shining blonde coat looks almost metallic and gleams in the sunlight.

In China, the Akhal-Teke is known as “horse from heaven”—they are very, very rare. There are only 1250 of these unique horses in existence. Their coats get its natural luster from the unique properties of the hair themselves!

Scientists have studied the genetics of the horses to understand the specifics of what makes them so unique. They found that the proteins found in the horses’ hair are arranged in such a way that it actually reflects and refracts light. That’s why their coat looks metallic!

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